Wojciech Ossowski
Software Engineer

Goal-oriented, agile Software Engineer. I used to contribute to many C++/Qt/QML-based projects since 2013. In 2016 I turned into Server-Side JavaScript community and rapidly expand my technology stack. Constantly focused on new technologies and continuous self development. Looking for challenges. Currently I'm working as R&D Software Engineer at Autronica Fire & Security A.S. (a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.)
Autronica Fire & Security A.S. (United Technologies)
2017-06-01 - Ongoing
Software Engineer
R&D Software Engineer
  • Working in Agile environment
  • Implementation of key features in flagship product - AutroMaster (both client and Server side)
  • Involved in many projects - AutroSafe, AutroPrime, AutroSim
  • Development of tools used in fire detection industry
  • Fire panels and Monitoring system integration, dealing with gas/fire/smoke detectors with various configurations
  • Working closely to embedded systems (configuration built on both simulation and physical environment)
  • Sustaining
  • Core technologies: Nodejs, C++11/14, Qt, QML, Angular
Milo Solutions
2016-10-01 - 2017-05-30
Qt Software Engineer
Qt-based Mobile/Desktop application development
  • Fulfilling client’s requrements
  • Implementing key features
  • Preparing estimations
  • Development of video editing tool for Windows/OSX (pledged on KickStarter)
  • Development of encrypted white-labeled communicator for Linux/Android/BlackBerry/Yolla
  • Bugfixing
  • Refactoring
  • Technologies: C++11/14, Qt, QML
Misys Global Ltd. (now Finastra)
2016-01-01 - 2016-09-30
Associate Software Developer
Care and maintenance of flagship risk management software - Kondor+
  • HighDpi integration of User Interface
  • Bugfixing
  • Technologies: C++, Qt, Sybase ASE
SFAR S.C. (now Global Control 5 sp. z o.o.)
2014-06-01 - 2015-10-15
Software Engineer
Used to create configuration software and web services
  • Implemention of new functionalities of configuration software (C#)
  • Mobile application development for devices - pledged on KickStarter (Qt)
  • Creating maintenance applications for line of devices (USB-hid, Modbus)
  • Embedded-hosted configuration web services for Automation devices (Web/VanillaJS)
  • Embedded Linux development (Python/Shell scripts)
  • Bugfixing
  • Technologies: C#, C++/Qt, Web/JavaScript
2013-08-01 - 2014-01-01
Qt Software Engineer
Middleware application developer. Used to create configuration software in C++/Qt
  • Creation and deployment of middleware bridge-sever between configuration software and hardware
  • Implementing new functionalities of configuration software
  • Writing and executing tests
  • Bugfixing
  • Technologies: C++/Qt
Gdansk University of Technology
Control Engineering & Robotics - Master Engineer
2013-02-20 - 2016-02-02
Gdansk University of Technology
Control Engineering & Robotics - Bachelor Engineer
2009-10-01 - 2013-02-02
Advanced (C1)
Beginner (A1)
Qt/C++ Application Development
  • C++
  • C++11/14
  • Qt
  • QML
  • JavaScript
  • Multiplatform
  • Desktop
  • Mobile
Node.js Back-End Development
  • JavaScript
  • es6
  • Node.js
  • eslint
  • Lodash
  • Handlebars
  • Turf.js
  • mocha
  • chai
  • Express.js
  • ...and many others...
Web Development
  • HTML
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • Git
  • Git Flow
  • SVN
  • MongoDB
  • LevelDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite

Tomasz Stelmach
I have no hesitation in recommending Wojciech to any organization or confirmation to references.