Zachary M. Feldman
Engineer + Educator
Jersey City

Zach Feldman is a consummate technologist and has been a tinkerer from childhood. He is currently the Vice President of Technology at Getaway. He develops websites and applications using Groovy, WordPress (PHP), Ruby on Rails, and plain old HTML, CSS, and Javascript. When he's not writing code, you can find Zach playing his guitar, DJing a party, or on a hike.
2016-01-06 - Ongoing
Vice President of Technology
We help people escape from the city grind into well designed tiny houses placed in nature! Main projects include an overhaul of our web presence (WordPress to React/Ruby/Rails), different home automation applications (Ruby, Groovy, Smart Things, etc), and general IT setup and oversight for the organization.
  • Implemented custom lock-code changing system
  • Created several iterations of an online booking/e-commerce platform for hospitality applications
  • Invented a novel Property Management System to manage our unique cabin-rental business
  • Worked with Finance and the Executive department to manage and gain insights from our data
New York Code + Design Academy
2013-01-06 - 2016-01-05
Chief Academic Officer + Co-Founder
NYCDA was a pre-professional educational institution providing training in technology and design to over 120 students concurrently. Students have gone on to jobs in startups, freelancing, and major corporations. The Code + Design Academy offered classes in New York, Philadelphia, Amsterdam, Salt Lake City, Washington, D.C., and other locations that cover basic web development, advanced back and front-end web development, interface design, and mobile development.
  • Hired and trained all teaching staff
  • Devised and organized all curriculum for core classes
  • Deployed a video lecture capture recording system to all locations and classrooms
  • Mentored our diverse student body to success
2012-12-15 - 2013-12-14
Web Developer
Contently is a software platform that connects freelance writers with publishers (normally brands) that are looking for feature content on their websites. The platform also provides workflow tools to easily enable approvals through the vertical hierarachy of established brands and companies.
  • Solved various bugs in the platform, use the issue tracker on GitHub and git to log my fixes
  • Created Tumblr + WordPress integrations from the ground up, writing new libraries in Ruby
  • Setup Vagrant for automation of development environments
  • Worked with the Product Manager and VP of Development to implement hundreds of feature requests
Indaba Music
2012-01-22 - 2012-12-01
Associate Developer
A web-based company with an office in New York the builds tool for music collaboration. Recently, the platform has shifted mostly into hosting online contests for musicians to hone their craft and skills.
  • Created a system to push contest entries to YouTube using Sinatra + Ruby + Datamapper, increasing views and sharing of content
  • Assisted in deployment of technical infrastructure for the office, ensuring all developers had what they needed to work quickly
  • Deployed changes to the corporate website using git + Jekyl, a static site generation tool
New York University
Music Business, Minor in Web Applications + Programming - Bachelor
2011-06-01 - 2014-01-01
Web Development
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • CoffeeScript
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Sinatra
  • PostgreSQL
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Curricula Deployment + Development
  • Student Engagement
  • Teacher Development + Management
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Trombone
  • Keyboard
  • Vocals
Home Automation
  • Voice control systems
  • Ruby-based home controllers

Paul Ogunlowo
I had the privilege of being Zach's student at the New York Code and Design Academy's 16 week web development course. Zach is a great instructor and he takes his time to break everything he teaches down so that everyone understands. He also uses his real-world experience to convey the message across to the students which is a huge plus. I would definitely take a class that Zach is teaching in again in the future!
Will Treves
Zach was the instructor at the Web Development Fundamentals intensive class I completed the with New York Code and Design Academy. This class is designed to provide a basic understanding of web development principles for people who have never coded. I found Zach personable, possessing deep expertise, and - perhaps most importantly for a beginner such as myself - patient when teaching fairly difficult concepts. He reviewed my homework, provided useful feedback, and was in general an excellent teacher. I'd welcome the opportunity to sit in another of his classes.
Matthew Siegel
Zach is a competent, industrious professional. He has a commendable resourcefulness that enables him to execute tasks effectively around an office or in a development environment. Zach's positive, outgoing personality made him a well-liked and valued team member at Indaba.