Thibault Jochem
Senior Software Engineer

Software engineer with 10 years experience. I would say I'm technology agnostic, the goal is to use the right tools to solve problems efficiently. I worked in several domains : Videogames, Digital Television, Social Networks, Robotics and Augmented Reality. I'm eager to discover more.
2017-09-04 - Ongoing
Senior Software Engineer
Wikitude provides a high level SDK for developers so they can easily create multi platform AR apps.
  • Ported Wikitude SDK to Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
  • Wrote C++ components for the SDK
Sonora Labs
2016-12-27 - 2017-10-31
Associate and Embedded Engineer
  • Developing the firmware based on and the media player of Lola the eco-friendly NAS/mediacenter.
ECA Group
2015-06-05 - 2017-08-31
C++ Software Engineer
In the challenging Defence and Security sector, ECA Group offers innovative solutions at sea, on land and in the air.
  • Designed and developped software components for A18D
  • Designed and developped software components for Inspector Mk2
Tib's Lab
2014-08-01 - Ongoing
Small personal business
  • Developing and operating a connected photobooth (Qt/C++/node.js)
  • Created a monitoring solution for alerting people when a registration form is available (node.js)
  • Created a tool to help a company to maintain a customer log (node.js)
  • Linux server management
ANSE Technology
2014-05-05 - 2015-05-31
Realtime Embedded Software Developer
Anse Technology is an innovative company in the Digital Television indystry
  • Worked on UpTV project : firmware, backend and app development for UpTV community.
2013-11-01 - 2016-12-31
Software Engineer and co-founder
Kinoulink was a startup that provided an easy picture sharing/display system for families. It then pivoted to the Digital Signage industry, reusing media management backend and thin client to empower customer communication.
  • Ported the thin client to resin.os framework
  • Developped a thin client on raspberry pi to display pictures from kinoulink service.
  • Prototyped thin client on an android TV box
2012-08-20 - 2013-10-31
Software Engineer
Amiriel was a startup developping a whole ecosystem to provide a digital home for families.
  • Embedded visio client on pandaboard (C++/Qt).
  • Help with Backend (Java JEE/Spring).
  • Various prototypes involving WebRTC/NFC/games and HTML5.
  • Android TV app.
  • Linux server management
2011-01-03 - 2012-08-03
R&D Software Engineer (Technical Assistance)
SmartDTV is a Conditional Access Module provider
  • Software modules written in C for the SmarDTV’s DVB CI CAMs
  • Http Live Streaming client in C
  • Multiscreen node on a CAM module
  • ActiveVideo client on a connected CAM
2009-11-01 - 2010-12-31
R&D Software Engineer
Software R&D on 3D UI for digital television
  • Squeed projects :
  • Port of Irrlicht 3D engine to OpenGL ES 2.0
  • GStreamer integration for dynamic textures
  • Integration of different “worlds” UI : VOD, live TV, EPG…
Eugen Systems
2006-10-02 - 2009-10-16
Software Developer
3D engine development.
  • Spatial database of Level Build for realtime use
  • 3D mesh compression for terrain models.
  • Shader development for specific compression of landscape.
  • Touch prototype of the game with Windows Touch API.
  • Xbox360 / PS3 port of modules
  • Development of an internal, multithreaded realtime, multipurpose raytracer
  • Initial Xbox 360 engine port
Eugen Systems
2006-04-01 - 2006-08-01
3D engine development.
  • Porting modules from Delphi (old engine) to C++
  • PoC embedded .net : integrating .net engine (Mono and for internal scripting.
Computer Science - Master
2002-09-01 - 2007-06-01
Software development
  • C++
  • Qt
  • STL
  • Boost
  • Design Patterns
  • TDD
  • OpenGL
  • OpenGL ES 2.0
  • Direct X
  • Git
  • gitlab
  • CMake
  • Visual Studio Code

Matthieu Iguenane
Thibault is a great creative software developer. Very skilled, he can take new topic and get a 360 insight on it to implement the most efficient and light solution to your innovation project. He delivers clean code and cope with different technology and programing langages.
Serge Le Fouler
Thibault is a great asset for your project requesting high technical skills. He's self prepelling and his technical depth understanding of all embedded software layer makes it easier for the project. He is autonomous and is able to deliver high quality software code in tight timeline. I really enjoyed hoving him in my team working on new 3D user experience project. Thibault makes it possible
Damien Bernard
Thibault was our architecture and 3D programmer on our final project assignement. Since the rest of the team was mostly dealing with design and art parts of the project, Thibault workout through XNA development tool and greatly helped us to quickly getting use to this new programming environment. Working with Thibault was easy and very instructive.