Todd Davis
Director of Software Development

Hands-on manager with 25+ years of experience designing and building infrastructures and applications across heterogeneous environments and technologies. Open source champion who has both used and contributed to multiple projects. Committed manager promoting growth and autonomy within the department. Maintained a low turnover rate with some staff leaving only to return. Design and implement data centers at the infrastructure, network, and server level.
Teliax, Inc. a global leader in voice services and solutions.
2017-08-01 - Ongoing
Director Of Software Development
    ANPI / Onvoy
    2005-02-01 - 2017-02-01
    Director of Systems Operations
    Responsible for managing the corporate computing infrastructure covering 3 data centers and 6 offices. Coordinated a team of motivated professionals to support the company’s employees and the computing environment the use. * After a corporate merger, led the integration of corporate systems into a single cohesive system with no outages. * Built out a corporate PBX using open source Asterisk platform with typical enterprise features and an automatically generated set of systems documentation based on the configuration. * Implemented open source systems to monitor the state of the network and systems to provide visibility and alerting. * Created systems to handle inventory and archiving. * Built automation around user management, systems deployment and configuration to take provisioning from days to under an hour. * Implemented a fully-redundant split-horizon DNS system. * Designed a centralized logging and authentication system.
      2000-03-01 - 2005-02-01
      Sr. Internet Consultant
      * Designed and implemented the corporate computing environment. * Administered hosted application servers * Designed and built the Illinois E-PAY system for the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office which processes payments for municipalities, townships, library districts, and universities. * Built integrations for E-PAY payments to post back to legacy systems for the participants.
        Illinois Department of Corrections
        1993-10-01 - 2000-03-01
        * Led a team at Caterpillar creating an intranet web application in java to post and bid on open jobs and track all facets of the process. * Designed websites for the Illinois Department of Central Management Servers (CMS). * Created an interactive web application for CMS to showcase the potential problems associated with Y2K for display at the Illinois State Fair. * As the Lead Developer at the Illinois Department of Corrections, created the Inmate Fund Accounting and Commissary Trading System (FACTS) that included Point-of-Sale functionality. * Created programs to print barcodes and MICR encoded checks as part of FACTS. * Built a tracking system on a personal display terminal for taking inventory and tracking inmates. * Created the first website for the department of corrections. Designed and built a web application to interface with the mainframe-based Offender Tracking System to allow inmates to be queried from the internet.
          American Healthtech
          1991-06-01 - 1993-01-01
          Maintained the XENIX port of the company's software. Wrote C hooks into the XENIX COBOL runtime to provide additional functionality. Provided upper-level technical support (especially to XENIX customers). Developed the Medicare/Medicaid claims reporting subsystem. Created interfaces to third-party intermediaries for the processing of claims.
            Springwood Associates
            1989-09-01 - 1991-06-01
            Director of Receivables / Information Systems
            Established system administration policies and procedures for the corporate XENIX system. Provided technical support to staff. Deployed printers and terminals throughout the office. Created a training program for the facility A/R clerks. Supervised the receivables staff in daily operations. Successfully assisted in reducing the receivables due by providing timely inforamtion about the state of collections.
              New Holland Fire Department
              1995-03-01 - Ongoing
                MABAS 51 Dive Team
                2013-03-01 - Ongoing
                  Lincoln Land Community College
                  Data Processing - AAS
                  1986-01-01 - 1989-01-01
                  Linux System Administration
                            Cisco IOS
                                  VMware Infrastructure
                                    EMC Storage
                                      Unix Administration
                                        Web Applications
                                                    Network Design
                                                            Network Administration
                                                                Network Engineering
                                                                  Cisco Technologies
                                                                    Disaster Recovery
                                                                        Data Center
                                                                            System Administration
                                                                              Domain Name System (DNS)

                                                                                Ray Lewis (Vice President of IT at Horace Mann)
                                                                                I interviewed and hired Todd Davis as a system administrator at ANPI. I was Todd’s manager for several years but would certainly use the term "manage" very loosely because Todd is a very organized and driven employee. He loves his profession and is always striving to move the infrastructure forward. Todd's attention to detail and technical expertise made my job considerably easier. Todd has many talents including razor sharp focus, solid system administrator skills and the ability to execute the plan as designed. I highly recommend Todd to anyone looking for a skilled IT professional.