Sebastian Witowski
Software Engineer

I'm a software engineer with 7 years of experience in a full-stack development, operations and leading small projects. In my spare time, I like to give presentations about Python, coding and productivity. Python is my main programming language, but I don't shy away from using different languages.
2013-09-01 - 2018-08-31
Software Engineer
Developer of CERN Document Server ( and the open access software suite Invenio ( that powers it.
  • Led the UX redesign project of CERN Publishing platform, to facilitate the use of the platform by less tech-savvy users
  • Integrated CERN Document Server with various social media platforms like Twitter or - internal CERN's social media platform based on SharePoint tools
  • Implementing features for users from various High Energy Physics experiments and providing support on a rota system
2012-08-01 - 2013-07-31
Software Developer
Digital library technology in the Scientific Information Services department at CERN. Developer on the open access software suite Invenio which powers the INSPIRE High Energy Physics information system.
  • Improved catalogers workflows by fetching and prefilling data from Crossref and internal databases, based on the DOI
  • Moved some metadata validations from the server side to the browser, to provide faster feedback
  • Implemented various other features and performance improvements for internal tools used by CERN library catalogers
Grenoble Institute of Technology
2012-01-01 - 2012-06-30
Master project: "Finding a path to a given user" for ClearBUS company.
  • Conducting a project for ClearBUS company on how to find 'online' contact information of ClearBUS customers, based on their 'offline' data like name and home address
  • Provided ClearBUS with new ideas on how to evaluate the correctness of their current algorithms based on weights system and internet crawlers
Rails Girls Geneva
2017-10-14 - 2017-10-15
Volunteered as a mentor during the Rails Girls Geneva 2017 workshops.
    AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow
    Automation and Robotic (Specialization: Computer Science in Control and Management) - Master of Science
    2011-02-01 - 2013-06-30
    Grenoble Institute of Technology
    Computer Science - Master project
    2012-01-01 - 2012-06-30
    AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow
    Automation and Robotics - Bachelor of Science
    2007-10-01 - 2011-01-31
    Productivity for developers
    Lightning talk on tools and techniques to improve developer's productivity (dotfiles, swapping keys, text expanders, IPython config and more) given during EuroPython 2018.

    I made a website! Now what?
    Presentation on tools and services that you can use when launching your website given at 4th [email protected] Forum.

    Maintainable CSS
    How can we make writing CSS easier with visual regression tests and functional CSS given at 3rd [email protected] Forum.

    Writing faster Python
    Presentation given at EuroPython 2016 on why being more Pythonic will make your code faster.

    Who's gonna test your tests? Mutants!
    Presentation about mutation testing - short introduction, pros and cons and why it's not yet widely used. Talk given for the 1st [email protected] Forum.

    Native speaker
    Full professional proficiency
    Elementary proficiency
    • Front-end (HTML, CSS, JS)
    • Python (Flask)
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Node.js
    • SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
    • Linux
    • Puppet
    • Openshift
    • Shell scripting (Bash)
    Machine Learning
    • Machine Learning Algorithms
    Agile Methodologies
    • SCRUM
    • Kanban
    Web technologies
        Video games
          Board games