Stephen Bunn
Software Developer

Stephen is an experienced Python developer with a specialty in code design and data structure. He has earned his Masters degree in Computer Science from Appalachian State University over the period of 4 years. During this time he has worked as a researcher in the areas of package dependency management and natural language analysis. He also worked on data gathering, management, and reporting software for Appalachian State University focused on the data provided from sustainable endpoints such as solar panel arrays, windmills, energy gauges, and many others. Following his education, he joined Sensus as a developer specializing in Python development and code structure focused on automating and improving faulty business practices and processes. Outside of work he finds himself enjoying preparing new foods, discovering new music, and contributing to open-source projects.
2017-04-14 - Ongoing
Python Developer
Lead development on a data warehousing solution interacting with many different data sources. Contributed to the design and development of an in-house data reporting web application providing insights and analytics into buisiness practices and processes.
    Appalachian State University
    2016-01-12 - 2017-04-12
    Web Content Manager, Office of Sustainability
    Maintained the front-end of the sustain subdomain at I also help to maintain the Office of Sustainability's Google presence.
      Appalachian State University
      2016-08-14 - 2017-04-12
      Graduate Student Researcher, Department of Computer Science
      Performed research in the optimization of existing package management systems in the component, module, and software levels of package management.
        East Carolina University
        2015-04-01 - 2015-08-07
        NSF REU Researcher, Department of Computer Science
        Performed research in both production level testing methods and the use of sentiment analysis in data mining. Specifically perfomed sentiment analysis on textual data taken from online resources such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube
          North Carolina Department of Transportation
          2014-04-07 - 2014-08-07
          Information Technology
          Imaged and distributed statewide computer systems for the NC Division of Motor Vehicles. Helped with the implementation of a new security protocol for the Triangle Transportation Management Center.
            Appalachian State University
            Computer Science - Bachelor
            2013-08-14 - 2016-04-12
            Appalachian State University
            Computer Science - Master
            2016-08-14 - 2017-04-12
            Applying Package Management To Mod Installation
            Appalachian State University
            Package management automates the discovery and installation of software that can coexist within an operating system. The methods used by package management can also address other instances where the installation of software needs to be automated. One example of this is the environment produced by third party video game modifications. An adapted application of package management practices can help to solve the difficult problem of finding and installing a set of video game modifications that do not conflict with each other. This greatly benefits the environment by allowing third party contributions to be easily installed which fosters growth in both the developer and user community surrounding the environment. This thesis presents the theory and complexities behind package management and shows how it can be effectively applied to managing video game modifications by presenting examples of software that can extract relevant metadata from video game modifications and discover conflict free installation solutions.

            SSTEM Scholarship Recipient
            Appalachian State University
            Awarded the SSTEM scholarship due to great performance in his studies.
            Native speaker
            Operating Systems
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            • Windows
            • Docker
            • VMWare
            Version Control Systems
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            Agile Managment Software
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            • Axosoft
            • Jira
            Software Development
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            • MongoDB
            • RethinkDB
            • SQL
            • Java
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            API Development
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            Web Development
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