Serkan Yersen
Senior Software Engineer
San Mateo

Hi, my name is Serkan Yersen and I'm a software developer. I worked 6 years for and built amazing things with them, now I'm building user interfaces for and working on some open source projects, you can check them out on my github page.
The Homedepot Techshed
2012-07-01 - Ongoing
Frontend Architect (Senior Software Engineer)
I work as a Frontend architect at the moment and help design applications for the company
    2006-09-01 - 2012-06-30
    Lead Developer
    Lead developer for JotForm version 2 and 3. Developed object oriented JavaScript frameworks. Also, worked on the Memberkit project, a content management system for membership sites. Built the user interface and implemented a flexible template engine. My latest project was Wishbox, a screenshot editor that works on the browser. I built the user interface and screenshot editor in Canvas.
      Infosystem web consulting
      2006-06-01 - 2006-08-30
      Software Developer
      I built and manage various websites for this company.
        Misman Software
        2005-12-15 - 2006-03-30
        Software Developer
        I worked on a TiVo like set top box project for this company. I've build a portal for TV guide entries and I also worked on the set top box software.
          Bilkent University
          2005-08-01 - 2005-12-01
          Assistant Instructor
          I gave lab lectures for C, data-structures and Unix
            Turkish Radio - Television Corporation
            2004-01-01 - 2005-01-01
            Wrote a human resources management program for this company
              Turk Traktor & New Holland
              1999-01-01 - 2000-01-01
              I worked for Research & Development department as a machine illustrator intern.
                Bilkent University
                Computer Technologies and Programming - Associate
                2001-09-11 - 2005-06-15
                Yenimahalle Technical and Industrial Vocational High School
                Machine Illustration - Vocational High School
                1997-09-10 - 2000-06-10
                Javascript at Scale by Adam Boduch
                July 2015
                Adam Boduch - Pact Publishing
                I was a technical reviewer for this book.

                Honor Student
                Bilkent University
                Honor student due to high GPA in that semester
                Main Language
                Front End Development
                Master / Expert
                • Javascript
                • HTML / HTML5
                • CSS / SASS / SCSS / LESS
                • Angular JS
                • Backbone JS
                • React
                • Firebase
                • Fabric.js
                • jQuery
                • underscore.js
                • Prototype.js
                • VueJS
                Backend Development
                Expert / Moderate
                • Python
                • PHP
                • OO PHP
                • Node.js
                • Django
                • Nginx
                • Apache
                • Unix / Bash Scripting
                • MySQL
                • MongoDB
                • Object Oriented Prog.

                Ben Clark (Software Engineer)
                I've been lucky enough to work with Serkan over the last 2 years at Redbeacon/Techshed. Serkan is, by far, one of the most accomplished and talented people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. His knowledge of javaScript, front end architecture, and web technology is unparalleled and I find myself continually impressed with what he "brings to the table" each week. The sheer amount of information he's passed on to me during my time in the job also demonstrates his talent as a mentor and a trainer. I am a better engineer from my time working with Serkan. One of the attributes I personally love, is his ability to crank out solid, dependable, front end structures, and also their counterpoint: the application of quick, dirty, fixes - that we all hate doing, but acknowledge are necessary from time to time when we're up against deadlines. Ultimately, when you couple his skill set with this friendly and outgoing personality, you really have someone who can make an impact on any team, regardless of field or project. Get this guy onboard, he'll be one of the best hires you've ever made.
                Tayfun Sen (Software Engineer)
                I had the pleasure of working with Serkan on JotForm. We were both working on rewriting JotForm from scratch and I feel his contributions have greatly aided the success JotForm enjoys today. He is a great problem solver; able to architect solutions and design intuitive interfaces. He doesn't end there and he relentlessly fine-tunes these ideas as feedback comes from the users and others. He can clearly communicate with non-technical people as well as engineers. You can ask any new web technology and you bet he has heard and/or experimented with it. Kudos for working hard in making JotForm what it is today.