Sean Russell
IT Executive
Wayzata, MN

Award-winning IT executive seeking leadership role in an organization focused on innovation through software applications. Extensive software development experience in government consulting, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and logistics industries. 22 years in software development combined with over a decade in leadership has given me an ability to both understand and drive business needs while supporting and advancing my technology team in a way that enhances performance and increases productivity.
International SOS
2018-07-01 - Ongoing
Solutions Architect, Corporate IT
Developing corporate software architecture policy, architectural standards & design templates, and supporting business and product teams with architectural solutions driving technical designs and products; persistent focus on driving bottom-line growth, client satisfaction, client retention, and technology modernization.
  • Collaborating with product owners on strategic roadmap for 6 core product lines
  • Supporting global digital transformation initiatives affecting both internal and external-facing systems
  • Representing corporate architecture in strategic technology efforts, such as cloud migration and strategic partner integrations
  • Provide architectural leadership for development teams, across business lines
International SOS
2014-07-01 - 2018-07-01
Sr. Director, Technology Architecture and Delivery
Responsible for growth, research, design, build, and delivery of inspiring customer platforms. Own and answer for the organizational budgetary, yearly, life-cycle; drive value and profitability. Lead application development organization to lower TCO, improve product integration and data sharing, support business intelligence to leverage data resources, and provide outstanding customer experience and business support.
  • Lead organization of 50 employees with departments of Program Management, Development, and Quality Assurance
  • Managed a yearly budget of between $3MM to $5MM CAPEX, and $3MM OPEX
  • Responsible for 12 product offerings supported by 22 core software systems
  • Lead team during period of product revenue growth from $80MM to $150MM
  • Products generate $150MM in direct revenue with 30% YOY sales growth, in addition to indirect revenue from membership
International SOS
2013-07-01 - 2014-07-01
Engineering Director
Directing maintenance and new product development on legacy client member-facing information systems; vendor and cross-organizational management; directing development of next-gen content management system and decommissioning of legacy systems; budget management.
  • Managed team responsible for CMS platform, and developing applications built on the platform
  • Responsible for teams developing features on new & legacy content systems, questionnaire, & workflow platforms
  • My leadership performance in this role led to my promotion to Sr. Director of the product engineering organization.
hibü (formerly Yellowbook)
2011-12-01 - 2013-07-01
Senior Manager - IT Web Presence
Managed the team developing, maintaining, and testing the software serving the web sites for over 350,000 clients. Team members included development, functional specification and design authoring, business analysis, and release engineering, covering the product life-cycle between business requirements and production operations.
    2010-10-01 - 2011-12-01
    Lead Developer
    Development of data extraction, indexing, and search (back-end) software for
    • Designed and implemented a prototype for distributed data extraction and indexing software. The software was implemented predominantly in Erlang, with critical sections in C and legacy indexing code in Java. Technologies used were: Erlang, C, Java, MongoDB, Google Protocol Buffers, Lucene. Simple bespoke protocols were designed for socket communication. The project included evaluation and benchmarking of TokyoCabinet, Riak, and MongoDB.
    • Requirements gathering, design, and prototyping solutions for enhanced phrase support in the search engine.
    • Performance in this role led to my promotion to Sr. Manager of the content management team.
    2008-06-01 - 2010-10-01
    Principal Software Engineer
    Software development on the system configuration and performance monitoring software (SCOUT). Focused on design, development, mentoring, and project stewardship, including direct leadership of five off-shore contractors.
    • Software Team Lead for feature, which involved a substantial re-architecture of the core configuration system from a batch system to an event-based system.
    • Software Team Lead for adding support for UMTS to SCOUT.
    2006-02-01 - 2008-06-01
    Senior Software Developer
    Software Development Consultant
    • Team member on a bespoke, 3-tier, POJO, 400,000-line, 4,500-class systems configuration application. Application calculated mobile locations through trilateration of cell tower signals.
    • Performance in this role led to my promotion to Principal Software Engineer in the group.
    2004-08-01 - 2006-02-01
    Software developer (consultant)
    Contract employee with GlaxoSmithKline, working in I.T. R&D, with the Scientific Computing and Mathematical Modeling group, developing distributed computing and web gateway software for a Matlab server farm.
    • Created registration software for the 2005 Mathematical Modeling Symposium (in Ruby), including software for the symposium committee to manage the workflow of proposal abstracts and materials.
    • Designed and authored load balancing software for Matlab server farm. This consisted of designing a wire protocol, writing threaded C agents for controlling Matlab instances and for providing socket communication, authoring the Java API for Java clients, and writing the job dispatcher, also in Java. The project included a testing framework in Ruby and Java, and design diagrams in SVG.
    • Developed the Matlab API interface to the Java database objects. This included hiding the Java object layer behind a procedural Matlab API, writing generators for a secondary, structured Matlab API, and writing an extensive test suite.
    • Administration of a 29 node Linux server cluster. This involved restructuring the network topography, migration to a network boot mechanism, migration from NIS Yellow Pages to LDAP, implementing a backup mechanism, and installing and configuring a variety of server software such as Apache, Tomcat, OpenLDAP, Matlab, Femlab, IFC, etc.
    RCG IT
    2004-03-01 - 2004-08-01
    Software Developer (consultant)
    Contract employee with Elemica. Providing and testing software for translation of EDI and XML messages. Additionally worked on a project prototyping a client on-boarding web application.
      2002-04-01 - 2004-03-01
      Software Developer
      Contract employee with GlaxoSmithKline, working in I.T. R&D (Software Technology Development) developing drug discovery and IT support tools. In an R&D role, participated in the design and delivery of a major project, as well as being involved in the research into two other knowledge management tools.
      • Architected data entry toolkit for data integration project. This toolkit was used by multiple I.T. groups in support of business units, as well as being adopted outside of the primary project by other business units. Senior developer of a team of four. We delivered our toolkit ahead of schedule, to spec, and attracted additional in-company clients through presentations and public forums.
      • Participated in the design of a process navigation tool, designed to make the complex process of drug discovery and delivery more comprehensible. This involved Java Swing and 2D development, as well as XML transformation and interpretation.
      • Participated in the research and design of a knowledge management user interface, for browsing ontologies and resources.
      • Installed and configured the department shared source code repository on Solaris servers, and assisted in migrating existing CVS and Visual Source Safe projects to the new Subversion server.
      • As the resident Java and XML expert, I mentored other, more junior contractors, as well as a number of interns.
      1998-01-01 - 2001-12-01
      Software Developer
      Consultant for the US Forest Service. Project Lead, developing statistical analysis tools module for nationwide Oracle database(s). Design & development of business logic tier and user interface tier of a three-tier system in Java. Linux admin & AIX liaison. Project lead for a team of four; three developers and a technical writer.
      • Participated in design and development of a statistical analysis tool for a series of organization-wide, standardized ecological databases.
      • Refactored a legacy data processing tool, improving speed by a factor of 38, by rewriting bash shell scripts in Ruby.
      • As the Unix expert, served as AIX and Linux liaison for the team, which developed on a mix of Windows NT, OS/2, and Linux, targeting AIX servers.
      • Our module was the only (out of seven) to deliver our 1.0 iteration on time, as promised, to the customer's satisfaction.
      University of Oregon
      1994-12-01 - 1998-01-01
      Software Engineer (Faculty)
      Development of physics simulation Java applets for distance learning project.
      • Systems administration of small Solaris web server farm.
      • Wrote numerous applets simulating physics lab experiments.
      • Developed 'docproc', the first pure Java XSLT processor, in support of the distance learning project.
      • Developed 'jDB', the first pure Java OODB, in support of an online exam application.
      • Won first runner up position in the first Sun sponsored Java programming contest.
      • Several applets were featured in a number of Java programming manuals (publications).
      United States Army
      1985-09-01 - 1988-01-01
      Active Duty
      Active Duty, 11B1PC2. 10th Mountain Division, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment.
      • Airborne training, Ft. Benning, GA
      • Jungle Warfare Training, Panama
      • Northern Warfare Training, Alaska
      • Expert Marksman
      • Army Achievement Medal
      • Meritorious Service Award
      University of Oregon
      Computer Science - Bachelors
      1989-01-01 - 1995-01-01
      President's Achievement Award
      Jim McCusker, President, Yellowbook
      For leading a successful 2 year, 3 million dollar project to build support for and migrate 300k+ clients to a new content management platform.
      CEO's Outstanding Performance Award
      Stephen Stuut, CEO, TruePosition
      Limited working proficiency (2yrs immersion, Munich, DE)
      Elementary (3yrs college)
      Organizational leadership
        Budget management
          Software engineering experience
          • Go
          • Java
          • Erlang
          • Haskell
          • C
          • ASM
          • SQL
          • HTTP
          • JSON
          • XML
          • XSLT
          • Linux
          • AWS
          Agile Methodologies
          Scrum master certified
          • XP
          • Scrum
          Software architecture & design
          • Clean Architecture
          • UML
          • Archimate

          All references are available for review on LinkedIn
          Gregoire Pinton - Group Chief Commercial Officer
          I had the pleasure to work with Sean for a while and I enjoyed it a lot! Sean is a very strong technical leader and expert, who always ensure business interests are well taken into account. He systematically goes the extra-mile to make happen, sometimes what was believed not to be achievable. At ease to work within budget constraints, Sean was thorough in his analysis, refusing to cut corners to get the right level of quality. Sean is very good at creating the sometimes complicated link between IT, digital and the business stakeholders. Very honest and transparent with his management, Sean can be fully trusted and is able to build and follow-up remarkable business cases allowing certain investments to be undertaken for the best benefits of the organisation and customer, often in a very innovative way. I definitely recommend Sean for his expertise, his attitude and his values!
          Richard Fritzson - Executive Director
          Sean has a tremendous knowledge of software techniques and is endlessly inventive with them. His signature outcome is to deliver something better and sooner than expected. Plus he's a pleasure to work with, a great team member and a good mentor to less experienced developers.
          John Quillen - Program Management Director
          Sean delivers outstanding, creative results. He picks up concepts, understands needs and learns new languages in an instant. And, he's a pleasure to work with. I would hire him again without reservation.
          Valeriu Damian-Iordache - Director Pharmacokinetics and Translational Biology
          Sean is quite knowledgeable and is very quick at coming up with new and ingenious solutions and very proficient to implement them.
          Edward Segall - Principal Consultant
          Sean and I initially worked together solving several sticky memory allocation problems with a large C++ application running under a Java server. Whenever we've worked together, then or since, his talents, enthusiasm, energy and honesty made the work go faster, the results better, and the process more enjoyable.
          Peg Duffy - Senior Application Developer
          Sean was hired at GSK as a consultant and I wish we could have kept him for an employee. He was easy to work with, creative, and always professional. He has great ideas and is a very hard worker. I would hire him back in a minute if I could.
          Jeevan Joseph - Principal Software Architect
          I worked with Sean on TruePosition's SCOUT configuration and provisioning system and have always admired and appreciated Sean's ability to both understand and speak to both the technical and functional aspects and provide invaluable engineering input to the feasibility and functionality of TruePosition's wireless location technology. He is one of those rare engineers with an eagle eye for the tiny details without losing sight of the big picture, who doesn't miss anything and can take a look at a design, and break it apart and suggest improvements. I had relied on his ability to validate my own designs. When he was heading the efforts for building UMTS features for our product, I came to appreciate his natural leadership qualities as well; When you walk in to a meeting with him, it's time well spent and we'd walk out with solid outcomes and definite plans. Sean always keeps pushing the boundaries and has an impeccable work ethic. I would grab the opportunity to work with him again in a heartbeat.
          Rich Moore - Sr. Software Engineer
          I worked with Sean for several years with others - we were collectively impressed and sometimes amazed at both his technical abilities but affable and intelligent manner and approach to projects. I highly recommend Sean.
          Charlie Han - Software Engineer
          I had the privilege to work with Sean on the same project for almost a year. In short, he is a great Software Engineer, who you can talk to and work with, from the larger aspects of the project to the smallest details where hands-on experience and excellence are required. Most of all, working with Sean is fun, not only because he's enthusiastic about his profession but also considerate in person.
          Ken Phillips - Principle Solution Architect - OSS
          I've worked with Sean for over 3 years at TruePosition and have always found Sean's deliverables to be of the highest quality. Sean's work ethic is one of detailed research, identification of various solution approaches, consensus building, and excellent follow through, resulting in very high quality code which implements the desired technical requirement, which in turn supports the prescribed business solution use case post-condition.
          Anand R Kumar - Chief Technology Officer
          Sean possesses excellent skills in Software design and in people management. He is a great professional, an honest man and a superb conversationist.