Roman Gurovich
Software Engineer
San Francisco

Full-stack software engineer. Specializes in building RESTful services and component-based UIs. Interested in education, healthcare, finance, and platforms that positively impact our communities.
2017-8-01 - Ongoing
Senior Fullstack Ruby on Rails Engineer
Tout is an ads and video platform that empowers online publishers to monetize their articles and deliver compelling video experiences to visitors.
  • Architected and built from the ground-up a highly configurable video+ads application that can be injected into any VPAID-compatible player
  • Reverse-engineered Brightcove player and built a product that allows publishers to use our tech in conjuction with their existing Brightcove implementation
  • Created adapters for different ad vendors to integrate into our video player
  • Developed a new way to load our partner SDK, with an as-needed tiered approach, which dropped average time to screen from 4 seconds to 1 second.
  • Implemented header bidding so that publishers can get the best ad rates from advertisers
  • Built various features and improvements for our partner management dashboard platform
2015-5-01 - 2017-3-01
Software Engineer
Brainstorm is an adaptive competency-based learning platform that delivers a customized lesson plan depending on a student's demonstrated abilities.
  • Built suggestion feed, role assignment, and success score admin sections of advising module
  • Developed tenant-specific branding customization page
  • Integrated third-party student information systems to generate resources in our product based on XML requests
  • Architected an on-demand soft validation service to allow courses to be validated only when being published
  • Fixed arcane browser quirks and ensured that our site responded to touch devices
  • Created a conditional locking/unlocking functionality for assessments
  • Made interactive preview screen for pretests viewable by course designers
  • Fixed tons of bugs across all parts of the system
  • Wrote automated tests with Capybara and Siteprism to ensure that features would not regress
2014-3-1 - 2015-4-1
Software Engineer
BeRecruited is a social network for High School athletes, that enables them to connect to their peers and to coaches who are recruiting for college teams.
  • Build a multi-step activation flow that increased signups by chunking information and removing roadblocks
  • Led the effort to convert site to be responsive (Bootstrap, SCSS, media queries)
  • Developed various forms, such as signup, activation, edit pages, checkout, search forms, dashboard forms (Rails, HTML, SimpleForm, AJAX validations)
  • Built interactive onboarding dialogs to guide users through new features (jQuery, BootstrapTour)
  • Created visually interesting emails that work across platforms (CSS tables, EmailOnAcid, Rails Mailers)
  • Built coupons and promotions (Recurly, Javascript, Rails, CSS/HTML)
  • Integrated video tracking and metrics (Mixpanel, Inspectlet)
  • Built a stateful set of components to enable students to track their favorite universities (ReactJS, Grape)
2013-9-1 - 2014-1-1
Front-End Developer
WeedMaps is the premier place on the internet to find information on marijuana and connect with reputable dispensaries. It is the IMDB + Yelp + Groupon for weed. I developed the Groupon part of it.
  • Built entire front-end for Weedmaps Deals, a super fun, super successful advertising and coupon platform for marijuana dispensaries and patients, which increased company revenues by ~40% (BackboneJS, CSS/HTML)
  • Built a dashboard of graphs for dispensaries to track their advertising targets (Rails, HighCharts)
  • Integrated metrics for detailed user interactions (Google Analytics)
2014 - Ongoing
Instructor / TA
RailsBridge workshops are a free and fun way to get started or level up with Rails, Ruby, and other web technologies. Our events focus on increasing diversity in tech, so that people of all backgrounds can feel welcome and comfortable in our industry.
    University of California, Irvine
    Cognitive Sciences - Bachelor in
    2005 - 2007
    Front End
    • javascript
    • html
    • css
    • react
    • redux
    • angular
    • backbone
    • jquery
    • jquery-ui
    • bootstrap
    Back End
    • ruby
    • rails
    • elixir
    • phoenix
    • node
    • express
    • postgres
    • sql
    • redis
    • sidekiq
    Testing and Tools
    • rspec
    • capybara
    • siteprism
    • jasmine
    • mocha
    • chai
    • webpack
    • chef
    • jenkins
    • git