Phillip Lorenzo
San Diego

Passionate learner who takes initiative in problem solving. I bring many years of experience in the nonprofit sector to my study and work in software engineering and technical writing.
2017-06-01 - Current
Blog Contributor/Technical Writer
Write technical articles and documents for clients and for developer information.
  • Write technical articles for tech startups
  • Wrote features overview and quickstarts for Oracle Wercker platform
  • Error checked repository setup and quickstarts in JavaScript, Java, Go, and Python for Oracle Wercker platform
  • Introduce developers to new frameworks and deployment methods through blogs and tutorials on
2009-01-02 - 2016-07-11
Managing Director/Operations Director/Technical Writer
Developed and excecuted operations at multiple venues for events that hosted 90K+ patrons.
  • Wrote recommendation reports after events and in advance of needed improvements
  • Prepared instruction guides for theatrical operations, volunteer supervision, and office procedures
  • Edited filmmaker grants resulting in awards of up to $102,000 collectively for filmmakers and educational programs
  • Directed exhibition programs for the largest film arts organization in San Diego with $1.1 million budget
First Step Coding
2016-10-01 - 2017-04-01
Teaching Assistant
Volunteers for a meetup where people begin their journey into coding.
    Florida International University
    Computer Science - University
    2018-05-07 - Current - Expected graduation 2020
    English, Spanish
    Native speaker
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • SQL
    Frameworks & Libraries
    • jQuery
    • Node.js
    • React
    • Express
    • Vue
    Software & Tools
    • Git
    • Webpack
    • PostgreSQL
    • MongoDB