Oskar Adin
Full stack developer

I like to simplify things, remove unnecessary cruft. Tell computers what to do, and let them do what they are good at; repeat themselves. And make the interaction with machines as frictionless as possible. That leaves more room for being creative, human, social. I try to stay up-to-date and educated about the world we live in. Question givens, practice empathy, live ethical.
Stendahls AB
2016-08-01 - 2019-02-01
Working with a web application, used worldwide for audits, followups, statistics and reporting. A full stack endeavour in java, scala, php, js. One of three people initiating a DevOps culture, moving ownership of deployment, build systems etc in to the team.
  • AWS
  • GraphQL
  • Java
  • Resin
  • Docker
  • Vagrant
  • Vault
  • Ansible
2015-01-01 - Ongoing
Freelance web consultant
For the last year and a half I've been doing freelance and consultancy work in the web-application sphere. Mostly geared towards small agencies or companies that lack a big enough in-house team. A few large projects with clear deliverables with a fixed date, and some that are long running advisory/incremental iterations. Also some occasional WordPress installations / themes.
    Snösvängen AB
    2015-10-01 - 2016-12-31
    Full stack developer
    Full stack developer at Snösvängen AB. Snösvängen provides a platform that connects contractors with any one in need of snow clearing and/or deicing. Mostly big area managers like harbors and industries. The stack is built on PHP and JS, and to be more specific, the actual stack is Laravel 5 and jQuery running on Apache. I'ts complete with an order system, time management and invoicing.
      Reduna Group AB
      2015-11-01 - 2016-05-31
      Developer / Technical Advisor
      Reduna needed a new mobile application for their field personnel. It's implemented as a responsive web application to accomodate all different units available in the field. It has reporting, a questionnaire builder, file/image uploads and an administration dashboard. I've also built a scheduling component attached to their CRM that enables a timeline like view for all upcoming events and tasks. Built on PHP/Laravel 5, jQuery, Kendo, SASS.
        Aug 2015 - May 2016
        Adding new functionality and features to their in-house developed e-commerce solution. Written in PHP and Backbone.js.
          Yrgo, högre yrkesutbildning
          Mar 2015 - Apr 2015
          Guest Lecturer
          Guest lecturer at YRGO for about 20 students preparing for work. It spanned a period of 2 times a week, for six weeks. The course was about Design Patterns and development against frameworks. Covering topics such as MVC, DRY, DI, Service Containers, IoC, ORMs.
            Copygram AB
            Jun 2012 - Nov 2014
            Lead developer
            Backend & frontend programming in PHP (Symfony) and javascript. A complete and fully featured front end built on top of the Instagram API. A separate e-commerce solution where the API was used to create and integrate a printing solution.
            • Creating a new printing integration / solution with automated orders.
            Winternet Mediaproduktion AB
            Sep 2013 - Oct 2014
            Back end programming and WordPress themes. In-house systems development. Standardizing development environment and dependency management.
              Extenda AB
              2012 - 2013
              Non functional / technical software tester
              Automated testing / technical software tester. Building test suites and private virtual clouds/clusters to test performance, regression, stability. Building summaries and trend reports.
                Extenda AB
                2010 - 2011
                Product specialist / product owner . Responsible for the relations with, and requests from, one of the customers. Working together to bring the software forward and adapted to their needs.
                Extenda AB
                2008 - 2009
                First line support
                • Extenda Retail
                • Network troubleshooting
                • Phone & Email support
                • Support tooling
                Komplett Group
                2002 - 2006
                Hardware Tester
                Working at the RMA-department, testing faulty hardware for misuse or warranty issues. In-house development of tooling to ease the workload and automate repetitive tasks. Was the manager of PC-repairs department, a team of four people.
                  Marks Gymnasium
                  Media -
                  1997 - 2000
                  Native speaker
                  Read and understand
                  • HTML
                  • Javascript / TypeScript
                  • SASS / LESS / CSS
                  • PHP
                  • Java
                  • Linux
                  • Nginx
                  • Apache
                  • VCS
                  • Vagrant
                  • Docker
                  Dabbling with
                  • rust
                  • golang
                  • aws
                  Getting things done
                  • Play! Framework
                  • Spring(boot)
                  • WordPress
                  • Laravel
                  • Vue.js
                  • Angular
                  • HackerNews
                  • Sci-Fi
                  • Philosophy
                  • My trusty old bicycle
                  • Soon to be working motorcycle