Owen Bower Adams
Linux SysAdmin/DevOps

I am a Linux Engineer who has developed a strong skillset in automation. In addition to working with a wide variety of companies on several issues at scale I've also given several talks. These have been focused on a mix of version control for sysadmins, docker and some aspects of the Linux kernel.
HP Enterprise Services
2015-10-26 - Ongoing
Midrange Linux Engineer
This role is primarily focused on the day to day operations of a large RHEL5/6 estate for a secure government client. The core duties of the Midrange Linux team were to act as hosting support for the existing estate ( 1500+ servers split between OVM, VMWare and physical ) as well as to carry out changes, advise on projects and help the application support teams debug issues.
  • Coordinating between the different internal layers ( such as the storage and networking team ) to carry out changes to the estate
  • Level 1 administration of VMs (provisioning storage/creating VM's etc)
  • Responsible for HP's SysAdmin Automation Tools (HPSA)
  • Assisting in the design of an RBAC based LDAP backed central authentication solution
2014-08-14 - 2015-10-01
Devops Engineer
Fanduel is one of the largest providers of daily fantasy sports globally, as such they have a unique set of problems when it comes to scalability of a very transaction based infrastructure which is strongly product driven and comprises of ~1000 servers hosted in AWS across multiple environments.
  • Extended the in-house icinga/graphite in house monitoring with a hosted service from Datadog. This included an evaluation of several competing products as well as writing custom integrations which could be deployed and configured through our existing puppet/jenkins workflow
  • Separation of the Django and PHP web stacks. This included the creation of appropriate cloudformation templates, separation of the puppet configuration into approrpiate roles/profiles and the breakup of a large monolithic Nginx file
  • New internal tooling to help management of cloudformation templates. This enabled us to define services in YAML with shared code components across multiple stacks and a hierarchal lookup based on environment for runtime values
Bower Tech LTD
2014-08-01 - 2015-11-01
Working on a short term project to build a POC of a proposed build pipeline
  • Investigation into SDLC 3.0 which included a comparison of existing pipeline solutions
  • Implementation of a build, deployment and version control system using htcondor,docker and git
Abertay University
2013-07-01 - 2014-08-01
Senior Systems Analyst
Working as a Linux Specialist within a small team of Senior and Junior staff during Abertay's IT Transformation Programme
  • Carried out an evaluation between multiple competing vendors for Abertay's new data center hardware
  • Helped with the design and first stage migration from Abertay's legacy data center to a new Cisco/NetApp based solution
  • Implemented OpenSoure chef to help standardise the Linux build and configuration process
  • Designed a pilot utilising Docker to enable students to have containerized environments in which to run code for assignments
  • Began the integration of the Linux estate with AD for user logins and dynamic DNS
2012-11-21 - 2013-06-31
DevOps Engineer
A professional services role primarily working with News International to support their AWS estate.
  • Working closely with News Internationals production release team to ensure a smooth operational transition from staging into prod
  • Helped News International adapt puppet to a heavily dynamic environment
  • Managed the BAU work for their test environment. This largely comprised of apache configuration changes and standing up new boxes in VMWare and AWS
2008-07-01 - 2012-11-01
Systems Engineer
A varied role which was split across VMWare, Linux and Windows
  • Helped transition from a legacy Exchange 2003 environment to 2007
  • Attended 4 disaster recovery simulations as well as providing technical lead for one
  • Assisted in the migration of legacy physical servers into VMWare
British Telecom
2006-11-01 - 2008-06-30
IT Systems Manager
    - 2006-11-01
    • Can provide further information upon request
    Linux Administration
    • Centos/RHEL 6/5.4
    • Ubuntu
    • ESX 4.0/4.1
    • Oracle OVM 3.8
    • Cloudformation
    • EC2
    • ELB
    • S3
    • Cloudfront
    Web Hosting
    • nginx
    • apache
    Operations Tooling
    • Jenkins
    • HTCondor
    • Puppet
    • Chef
    Languages (Programming)
    • Bash (Experienced)
    • Ruby (Intermediate)
    • Python (Intermediate)
    • Golang (Beginner)
      Roller Derby
      • Roller Derby Skating Official