Nelson Mfinda
Full Stack Developer
Luanda, Angola

Student of Computer Engineering at the Methodist University of Angola. Working with Software Development since 2017 (Front-End and Back-End), I went through companies like UseKamba as a Full Stack Developer and worked as a Freelancer Front End Developer at Inokri. I am passionate about technology and the open source universe connected to the community, so I am part of the Training Center where I receive mentorship and contribute in open source projects.
Usekamba, LDA
2018-03-07 - 2018-07-08
Full Stack Developer - Internship
Angolan company in the financial sector and means of payments that intends to innovate the market by democratizing financial services, giving access to people without a card to make payments on the Internet by using convenient, simple and safe technologies facilitating the lives of hundreds of Angolans who access and want to purchase services and consumer goods online.
  • Maintenance and addition of functionality in the landing page of Kamba checkout
  • Development of library integration with Rest Kamba API checkout in PHP
  • Configuration and development of checkout plugin for WordPress
2018-10-07 - 2018-10-18
Front End Developer - Freelance
Build MVP front end of PPN(National Producer Portal). PPN is an Angolan portal for the dissemination of national agricultural production.
  • Gulp, Bootstrap, Sass
  • Git, Bitbucket
  • Kanban and Pomodoro
Real Sound
2018-12-18 - 2019-05-18
Front End Developer - Freelance
Real Sound is an Angolan streaming mobile application.
  • VueJS, Webpack, Bulma, Sass
  • Docker
  • Git, GitFlow, Bitbucket, GitHub
  • Agile Methodology, Kanban
  • Deployed on Digital Ocean, and on Netlify(Staging enviroment)
Training Center
2018-04-01 - Ongoing
A nonprofit project with the premise of helping developers, beginners or not, who have questions or need tips to leverage their career or just want to make good friends to create a project together. I help the community, contributing in open source projects and mentorship.
    University Methodist of Angola
    Computer Engineer - Bachelor
    2017-03-06 - 2021-12-08
    Native speaker
    Junior > Mid-Level
    • HTML
    • CSS / Styled Components
    • Javascript
    • Vue
    Junior > Mid-Level
    • Ruby on Rails / Sinatra
    • Rest API
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Docker
    • Git / Git Flow
    • Command Line
    • RSpec
    • Heroku
    • Digital Ocean
    • Azure
    • Agile Methodology
    • Kanban
    • TDD
    • Golang
    • Elixir
    • Docker
    Large Scale Data Processing
    • Apache Hadoop
    • MongoDB
    • Neo4j
    • Apache Storm
    Real Time Applications
    • NodeJS
    • Redis
    Data Science
    • Python
    • R
    • Apache Spark
    • Pandas

    Faria Quitamba, Software Developer and UI/UX Designer
    Nelson is an excellent researcher and developer. It is one of the people that I had the privilege to train and after the end of the training grew developed very fast.
    Alexandre Juca, Co-founder and CTO of Usekamba, LDA
    I had the pleasure of working as the technical leader of the team where Nelson was for a few months. He quickly adapted to our stack and contributed to the development of our web systems. I confirm that Nelson has the skills necessary to contribute to the success of any startup or company that is looking for serious, adaptable, talented and good-looking young people.