Montague Monro
Web Developer

I am a Web Developer based in Bristol, UK. I have experience in both front-end and back-end technologies with a specialisation in front-end. I utilise these skills along with my experience working with both firms and in-house teams to create rich and intuitive web environments.
Australian Design Studio
01-04-2012 - 01-07-2012
During my study at QANTM College I had the opportunity to do some intern work. I got an internship with ADS (Australian Design Studio) where I worked on building static HTML/CSS/JS templates, worked with Wordpress and brought some new technologies into the studio workflow such as Git.
    Cru Digital
    01-11-2013 - 01-03-2014
    Junior Web Developer
    At Cru Digital I worked primarily on Wordpress sites and AngularJS front end work for api's. My primary tasks were building designs into clean, semantic and responsive websites. I also provided support with
      01-03-2014 - 01-01-2015
      Web Developer
      During my time working with Digital8 I took on a large range of projects ranging from informational Wordpress sites, to custom Wordpress sites with augmented ability, to monolithic client-side api driven Web Applications utilising AngularJS and Laravel. Notable projects include: Digital8 Website, PEEQ, Site360, Just Digital People Website.
        Emperor Creative, inHomePortal
        02-01-2015 - 01-05-2017
        Over the past year I have offered my knowledge and skills to a variety of startups and firms. For some I help by consulting on business and design decisions or potential employee hiring and interviews, and for others I physically take on development and project work.
          Black Milk
          01-02-2015 - 01-04-2016
          Front-end Web Developer
          I work as the sole front-end web developer for Black Milk. I am in charge of keeping everything that the new and returning customer will see on our website. Upon starting at Black Milk, I remade the entire site from scratch and have since continued informed development through analytics. The front end architecture is primary ReactJS with Redux, All new iterations are done in react and we are in the process of migrating all legacy modules over to ReactJS. I also have regular meetings where I help decide on movements for the future in regards to the website as well as help to educate other teams as to what it is that I do and why. I regularly work to extend the core capabilities of our technology to supply a range of new features to potential and returning customers to drive sales and customer satisfaction.
            SMG Technologies
            01-04-2016 - 01-08-2016
            Front-end Web Developer
            At SMGT I work primarily building heavy data-driven front-end interfaces for our analytical products. I focus primarily on creating a strong user experience, as well as being able to display large amounts of data in a clear and understandable layout. I utilise ReactJS along with Redux for state management to build all prototypes and feature iterations for our software and any tools and modules we make that can be reusable across projects are also isolated into their own NPM modules. This has given us a growing tool kit that is tailored for our products. My interfaces need to be able to allow for quick and efficient communication between our end user and our machine-learning based infrastructure.
              Airteam Australia
              01-08-2016 - 01-04-2017
              Senior Front End Developer
              As part of AirTeam Australia I create bespoke Front End solutions for our clients. I handle tasks such as development, project planning, project architecture, reporting and stack management. Sometimes I join client built teams to lend my skill and educate team members. Other times we handle the creation of client projects ourself from concept to completion.
                Fuse Universal
                01-04-2017 - 01-12-2018
                Front-end Developer
                Working in a small team on a brand new front-end website to replace their current rails monolith. Also working with react native to create a native app for android and IOS.
                  01-12-2018 - Ongoing
                  Senior Frontend Developer
                  In BJSS I took the role of senior front end developer and used my acquired skills gained over the previous years in my career across a range of corporate projects for some of the largest companies in the UK and Europe. I applied my knowledge of JS, HTML, CSS, ReactJS, Redux, AWS and Lambda to create powerful solutions for some of the most complex systems I have had the pleasure to work on for companies such as EDF Energy and NATS.
                    Kuranda District State College
                    Educational Facility - Finals
                    01-01-2005 - 01-01-2009
                    QANTM College
                    - Bachelor of Creative Media: Graphic Design & Devlopment
                    01-01-2009 - 01-01-2013
                    Native speaker
                    Web Development
                    • HTML
                    • CSS
                    • Javascript
                    • ReactJS
                    • React-Native
                    • Redux
                    • Mobx
                    • TypeScript
                    • FlowJS
                    • Webpack
                    • Responsive Design and Development
                    • Shopify Development
                    • GIT
                    • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign