Michael Hubley
Developer | Engineer | Product Owner | Scrum Master
Fort Worth

Software Developer with 5 years experience in Enterprise application and solutions architecture and implementation with a roots in automation. Adept in Agile and SCRUM practices. Proficient with cloud based solutions and CI/CD pipelines. Experienced in investigating, adopting and documenting new technology, processes and standards. Driven, Self Starter, Team Player, Creative and Fervent Problem Solver.
Fidelity Investments
2012-11-01 - 2018-7-31
Senior Software Developer & Engineer
Within the Infrastructure business unit applying a focus on developing and implementing enterprise wide solutions which includes CI/CD, TDD, Cloud Solutions and migrating monolith applications to appropriate cloud architectures. Providing Monitoring, Alerting and Remediation 24x7
  • Handled technology planning and implementation for internal work intake system, deployed to cloud infrastructure. Directed microservice structure, pipelines and technology stack.
  • Maintained, Supported and Monitored with Lifecycle Management standards for a catalog of 100+ production applications.
  • Held SCRUM Master role for multiple SCRUM teams and SCRUM Product Owner role
  • Developed Technology, CI/CD, Documentation and Work standards and practices that have been adopted multiple Fidelity Technology Groups.
  • Led successful company-wide application deployment as a direct initiative of the Chairman to address an issue that Microsoft said could not be resolved.
  • Refactored, Revised and Rewrote dozens of Legacy applications to bring them up to modern development standards
  • Coordinated the data migration of 20+ applications simultaneously without incident
  • Was selected by management to be responsible for initial adoption of Cloud and CI/CD processes and as a leader in the education and adoption of these processes by sister teams
Chairman's Share Award
Fidelity Investments
Rewarded for Outstanding Performance and Leadership in 2017
  • C# .Net & .Net Core
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • Angular
  • Jenkins
  • Concourse
  • GitLab
  • PowerShell
  • Shell
  • Go
  • Python
  • MS SQL
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • Splunk
  • PostgreSQL