Mikayel Aghasyan
Software Engineer

Software engineer with more than 10 years experience. Participated in development of many kinds of software, ranging from backend systems to desktop to mobile applications. Fan of Test-Driven Development and eXtreme Programming concepts in general.
BigBek LLC
2012-03-02 - Ongoing
Senior Software Architect
Started as a senior software engineer. Worked on many different projects. Currently, mobile team architect in a company.
  • Implemented drawing tool for iPad app with OpenGL ES 2.0
  • Worked on maegan™ restaurant app. With maegan™, restaurant goers can discover restaurants, browse their menus, order and pay from their smartphone.
  • Worked on BeauByte iPhone app - social app that gives you the freedom to discover a tagged look, fall in love with a product, and buy it
  • Kicked-off several iOS projects
Solutions 4 Mobility
2016-12-07 - 2017-03-06
Software Developer
Was a part of a team behind Liv. - one of the first modern money apps of its kind that works around what you like and how you spend your time.
    2010-08-02 - 2012-03-01
    Software Engineer
    Created iPhone client app for AtTask work management system (currently WorkFront).
      Telegate Armenia
      2009-06-01 - 2010-08-01
      Senior Software Engineer
      Was part of Sapphire search engine team.
      • Worked on web page crawling application (C/C++, POCO)
      • Worked on document index/search library and a set of applications working with this library (C/C++, POCO)
      Lycos Armenia
      2003-09-21 - 2009-05-01
      Developer / Senior Developer
      Worked on different parts of Pangora, shopping solution for merchants and portals.
      • Worked on Hydra-Tool project, product/offer management tool for internal use in Pangora – shopping solutions provider, as a project technical responsible (Java GUI application, using SWT/Jface, RCP)
      • Worked on Pangora, shopping solution (client-side scripting – javascript, server-side – Java EE (EJB, JSP/Servlet, Struts))
      • Created tree and table components in pure JavaScript (in 2003-2004 there were not much UI libraries)
      Boomerang Software
      2001-06-01 - 2003-09-20
      Junior Developer / Developer
      Started my developer career as a Junior Software Developer, then promoted to Software Developer position. Worked on WebShop/WSOL (WebShop OnLine) projects, solutions for creating dynamic shop websites.
      • Created web-browsers cookie manager (Visual C++, Win32 API)
      • Worked on Collaboration server, web application for project/document management (JSP/Servlet, Javascript)
      • Worked on WebShop, application that provides means for creating dynamic sites/e-shops based on templates (Visual C++, ASP, JSP)
      • Worked on WebShop Online, web-based application that provides features of WebShop (Java applets, AWT)
      State Engineering University of Armenia
      Applied Math and Informatics - Master's degree
      2002-09-01 - 2004-06-01
      State Engineering University of Armenia
      Applied Math - Bachelor degree with honor
      1998-09-01 - 2002-06-01
      Core Languages
      • C/C++
      • Java
      • Objective C
      • Swift
      Enterprise Technologies
      • J2EE (EJB, Servlet/JSP)
      • Spring Framework
      Desktop Applications
      • Windows API, MFC
      • J2SE (AWT, Swing)
      • Eclipse (SWT/JFace, RCP)
      Mobile Development
      • Cocoa Touch
      • OpenGL ES (iOS)
      Web Frontend
      • HTML/XHTML
      • JavaScript/DOM
      • XML
      • MS SQL Server
      • MySQL
      • Oracle
      • NoSQL Databases
      • POCO C++ Libraries
      • JSON
      • RESTful Web Services
      Agile Software Design
      • TDD
      • Design Patterns
      • Clean Code
      • Uncle Bob