Mateus Freira
Software Architect

I am a passionate developer that loves to build solutions, with strong working knowledge of agile development methodologies and many languages, platforms and frameworks. I have been working as a developer since 2007. I've been working for the last three years at Zeedhi where I developed from scratch a framework angular based to develop mobile and web solutions, it today is the base of more that 30 application inside Teknisa Group( At Zeddhi, I'm today a tech lead and tech reference of more that 40 people and I'm responsible for choosing all technologies for the projects and developer the core features of any project in Teknisa Group( on FrontEnd, Backend or native mobile platforms(IOS and Android). I also contribute to some open sources projects, that you can be check in the follow links. As a Leader As a Contributor I have a big experience with the following technologies: Scala, Node, Mobile(Android, IoS), Java(EE), Angular, MongoDb, Redis, Memcached, PostgreSQL, C++, and PHP.
2013-03-01 - Ongoing
Software Architect
I developed from scratch the primary product of the Zeedhi Framework company. That is a Full Stack solution to build web/mobile apps. My duties include working to ensure the proper scalability of the various applications that we are developing and supporting the web and mobile development teams. I also assist with the training of the work teams by helping train them, and implementing and deploying performance improvement with techniques and tools, such as GIT, TDD, CI, CD, DDD
  • Frontend : Persistence API (transparent persistence layer to IndexedDb/LocalStorage/Native storage).
  • Frontend : NativeInterface(provide access to native function on devices(Android, IoS) like camera, Location, bluetooth).
  • Frontend : Event based WebSocket API.
  • Frontend : Runtime engine to render UI from json (Users dont need to write HTML files to crete all the interfaces and all componentes are based on templates that can be reused)
  • Frontend : Many others apis to improve the development performance
  • Backend - ORM.
  • Backend - Message queue.
  • Backend - Cache
  • Backend - Restfull
  • Backend - WebSocket
  • Technologies: AngularJS, SASS, Compass, Moment, Grunt, Bower, Jasmine, Node, Memcached, Selenium, Oracle, Postgresql, ActiveMQ, Mongo, PHP and Java.
VilarikA Soluções
2013-03-01 - 2015-12-31
Co-Founder / Software Architect
Startup focused on the development of manager solution SAS, simple, agile and mobile first. My responsibilities were the business strategy, software architecture, after-sales, new technologies, new products and infrastructure manager (Linode, DigitalOcean, and Amazon). Desing and development of a system with Scala(Play e Lift), NodeJs (Express and Mongo) to backend and angularJs, jquery, handlebars Coffeescript for the frontend.
  • Technologies : Scala(Play and Lift) , NodeJs (Express and Mongo) to backend and angularJs, jquery, handlebars Coffeescript for frontend.
2010-04-01 - 2013-02-28
Software Architect
I was responsible for the development of highly complex mobile systems for user localization and process automatization. I coordinated the development and deployment of new persistence and synchronization frameworks for mobile applications (Android and JME). I guided a front-end team to ensure the proper implementation of good user experience guidelines using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and mobile technologies. I created a workflow of mobile teams with the following tools: Jenkins, Github, TDD, CI.
  • Android
  • J2ME
2009-06-01 - 2010-03-30
I was in charge design and build a new metadata oriented web framework, with an engine to release for many devices with the same metadata base. Using PHP, Zend, Android, Java, Doctrine, Jquery, P4A, and Oracle. I ministered courses of object orientation and design patterns for other developers.
    2008-09-01 - 2009-06-30
    I was responsible for the development of an ERP for beauty salons in PHP and MYSQL. After three months, I was the lead developer of this product. I had delivered it to the first customer in 6 months.
      Puc Minas
      Information Systems - Bachelor
      2007-01-01 - 2015-06-30
      Development of a framework metadata based to creating RIA applications, a case study of use pattern metadata-based Graphical Component

      Software Architect
      • Scalability
      • Non-functional requirement
      • Technologies and solutions
      • Elasticsearch
      • Sala
      • Javascript
      • Java
      • PHP
      • SASS
      • AngularJS
      • Node
      • Memcached
      • Selenium
      • Oracle
      • Postgresql
      • ActiveMQ
      • Mongo
      • SCALA
      • Java
      • PHP
      • SASS
      • Compass
      • Moment
      • Grunt
      • Bower
      • Jasmine
      • Coffeescript
      • NodeJS
      • Scala
      • Android
      • Mobile
      • Real Time