Leonard Christopher Barnes
Full Stack Software Engineer

My work experience thus far comprises mainly of working for startups namely interning at HouseMe (https://www.house.me/) and working for a fintech startup Wala (http://www.getwala.com).This taught me vital skills such as being able to learn new technologies rapidly and switching between different problem sets and adapting my thought process whether it be concerning the backend or the frontend.This allows me to adapt to my environment accordingly.I am passionate about learning new things, problem-solving and personal growth overall.I do my best work when the problem-space interests me and the solution has the potential to impact society greatly.I enjoy taking part in hackathons,listening to music and playing games,In my spare time I also enjoy exploring new technologies recently I've been working with Firebase and Flutter for cross platform mobile development.Please see my GitHub (https://github.com/LeonardBarnes). My contact details are: email: [email protected] phone: 072 370 3501
2018-02-01 - Ongoing
Wala is a fintech startup focused on providing a blockchain-powered financial services platform enabling consumers globally to earn, save, borrow and transact in a new decentralized financial system
  • Maintain current codebase
  • Bug fixing
  • Implement new features
  • Feature testing
  • React-Native, Redux, Redux Saga, ImmutableJS.
  • RDS - Relational Database
  • Amazon DynamoDB - NoSQL Database
  • AWS Step Functions - Flow management between micorservices to build business processes
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJs
  • Serverless
  • Event driven architecture
  • Microservices architecture
2017-08-01 - 2017-08-31
HouseME is a digital platform that connects prospective tenants to landlords with full automation of the letting agency process with fair and transparent rental pricing - all for a fraction of traditional fees.
  • Worked in a team to help build an internal cross-platform mobile application
  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
- Ongoing
In my spare time I enjoy creating prototypes and experimenting with new technologies
  • Territory - I created a prototype mmo styled browser game called Territory which allows users to battle it out for territory online. Basically each user gets assigned a random color which they use to paint the game board and claim territory however the system generates a fixed amount of resources per game session and thus the players would have to move around the game board collecting these resources and in turn will be able to construct landmines across the playing field. The catch is that users can only see their own landmines planted so there is a risk that while trying to claim territory and resources, you could step on a landmine and effectively lose your entire territory i.e game over. Other players can also claim your territory if you don't guard it properly with the time-sensitive landmines. The player with the highest territory would be 1st on the leaderboard and subsequently players with a higher territory count would be higher on the leaderboard. This was built using JavaScript, html and node.
  • Are you down? - Another project I built was an android prototype application called -Are you down? This android application allows users to select a predefined intention when going out in public and commit to it for a particular time frame (i.e users cannot change the intention). Intentions include: 'grabbing something to eat', 'Just having a good time', 'Want to meet new people'. when a user sets their intentions, they will be able to see a list of users and their locations that has the same intentions as what you have. The app only shows you users with similar intention that you have. You can then send requests to each other and view their Facebook/ Whatsapp details and meet each other based off of their profiles. This was built using android studio, which is mainly Java and Xml. I used firebase as the back-end.
  • Excellify - for schools. The application allows parents and teachers to communicate seamlessly in real time and allows the teacher to upload daily homework tasks, test results, reminders, progress reports for the parents concerning their children. it also allows parents or teachers to set up meetings with each other when needed.
  • Watchlist - In addition I've also built a small android app that users can sign up with and login to and search for movies they want to watch and receive information about the movies such as the plot and the duration of the movie as well as allowing them to add it to their watch list or remove it from their watch list.
University of Cape Town
Computer Science and Information Systems - Bachelor
2014-01-01 - 2017-07-01
University of Cape Town
Astrophysics and Physics - Bachelor
2013-01-01 - 2014-01-01
Native speaker
Web Development
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • npm
  • yarn
  • Serverless
  • npm
  • yarn
  • Android Development
  • React-Native
  • Firebase
  • ReactJs
  • DynamoDB
  • MySQL
  • Firebase
Programming Languages
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • C#
  • YAML
  • Dart
  • XboxOne
  • Mr. Robot
  • Ozark
  • Silicon valley
  • Gyming