William Bailey

William originates from Maine, but has migrated all over the continental US and currently resides just north of Houston, TX. Since leaving home he has expanding his general knowledge of all things internet related, focusing primarily on the user experience side of things; This includes but is not limited to site design, application speed, and server function.
2014-12-15 - Ongoing
Technical Analyst I
First line support for customer issues
  • Submitting Bug cases to Development
  • Handle complex customer issues related to cPanel
  • Various projects as assigned
SoftLayer, an IBM Company!
2006-03-01 - 2014-11-22
Shift Lead, Technical support
Lead shift of 22 members
  • Quality Control
  • Delegating tasks
  • Review of employees
Leavitt Area HS
General Studies - Diploma
1997-08-01 - 2001-06-30
Native Speaker
Secondary, learning more every day
Website Development
  • html(4,5)
  • css
  • javascript
  • php
Graphic Design
  • Photshop
  • Illustrator
  • Typography
Server Administration
  • database
  • automation
  • services
Site design/Code play
  • squireofelements.com
  • zzyzx.info/dice/img/
  • zzyzx.info/dice/img/mandelbrot.php
  • zzyzx.info/dice/img/mandelbrot2.php
  • zzyzx.info/dice/d20/

Ryan Hanson
He doesn't settle for good enough when it comes to doing right by customers. He either makes sure things work properly within the limits of what is supported, or the issue never seemed resolved for him. Not like most who fix the immediate symptom and call it done.