Jim Poulakos
Software Engineer
Wisconsin Rapids

Renaissance Learning
2015-02-02 - Ongoing
Software Engineer III
Renaissance creates assessment and practice solutions that put learning analytics to work for educators, saving hours of prep time while making truly personalized learning possible. Schools nationwide use our solutions to analyze students’ abilities and guide high-quality instruction. We help teachers teach better, students learn better, and school administrators lead better—all to improve academic outcomes.
  • Championed move from SVN/TFS to GitHub Enterprise: trained engineers on git best practices, trained R&D department on use of git workflows (Git Flow and GitHub Flow), assisted teams with issues during the move.
  • Championed move from local datacenter to AWS infrastructure: lead move to use Terraform for infrastructure as code, pushed use of Docker as container strategy, trained engineers on AWS technologies
  • Lead regular Open Space-style meetings to disseminate information across both teams and the organization
  • Regularly posted about new technologies, advances in existing technologies, and security information
  • Automation: trained QA team members on using JavaScript in Postman to automate API testing, build Jenkins job runner to encapsulate scripts (datafixers, validations, etc) using Docker containers, trained engineers on using Python for small, repeatable automation tasks using libraries such as Click and Locust
eBiz Results, LLC
2012-02-02 - 2015-06-01
Technical Director
  • Built Blue Book and Appraisal systems for the helicopter industry, including custom report exporting, MS Access integration, Quickbooks integration, market trending and analysis core features and fully-featured administrative systems
  • Built Google Maps for Business application with custom merchant backend featuring deal tracking, analytics management and custom geotargeting subsystems
  • Managed move from self-hosted datacenter to Rackspace Cloud
1999-01-01 - 2012-02-02
Web Developer
As a freelance developer, I've worked on a large number of projects over the years.
  • Built ISO-9001 sanitation and maintenance tracking and analysis application.
HubSpot Academy
Inbound Marketing Certification - Certification
2014-03-01 - 2014-04-01
DeVry University
Game and Simulation Programming - Bachelor
2008-08-25 - 2011-06-05
Native speaker
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • git
  • Postman
  • Locust
  • Artillery
  • Cypress
  • Jenkins
  • ECS / EC2 / ECR
  • Elasicache / Redis
  • RDS / PostgreSQL
  • Lambda
  • API Gateway
  • Kinesis
Board Games
  • Traditional
  • Card Games
  • Euro Games

Available upon request