Joshua Morris
Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer with over eleven years of experience developing software solutions. Diverse technical background with extensive knowledge of front-end and server-side development, progressive web applications, responsive web design using object-oriented and test/behavior driven development programming methodologies. Skilled problem-solver capable of addressing issues proactively and leading process improvements to serve users and clients. Expertise in Javascript, React, Angular, C/C++, PHP, HTML, and CSS.
CLC Incorporated
2017-06-01 - Ongoing
Lead Software Engineer
  • Collaborated in the development of a REST API for a new budget management tool allowing members to link their financial institutions and manage their budget based on spending history.
  • Worked closely with product owners, support and development teams to gather requirements, outline functional specifications and develop user stories.
  • Conceptualized, developed, maintained, and expanded a React component library, enabling user interface components to be shared across multiple projects reinforcing the brand with a visual style guide using React-storybook.
  • Implemented a redesign of the credit reporting dashboard using Canvas and Javascript to produce exciting visual displays of members credit score and related information.
  • Developed a self-directed learning platform with interfaces for administrators to manage the content and member portal providing video, downloadable workbooks and a guided experience helping them to learn how to better manage their finances.
  • Collaborated closely with design and marketing to implement a redesign of, improving on accessibility, brand standards, and the overall user experience for both mobile and desktop visitors.
Trion Worlds, Inc.
2011-05-23 - 2016-05-23
Web Developer
  • Created websites for games as lead developer in the creative services group for a massive multiplayer online game space for role-playing and real-time strategy. Developed and launched websites for eight game titles using responsive web design and object-oriented design.
  • Directed process improvements such as streamlining the user registration process by programming a single page application in Angular, Gulp, HTML, Node.js, Ruby and Sass. Efforts cut development time in half, improved the user experience and increased signup conversion by 8%.
  • Developed content management systems supporting multi-regional and multilingual content using PHP and MySQL, resulting in reduced production time. Migrated from the previous solution and improved SEO and user experience for all targeted markets.
  • Wrote extensions to integrate MediaWiki with Trion’s CAS server for single sign-on authentication, allowing game players to access the wiki and contribute content without leaving the game.
  • Mentored a team of 3-8 developers, leading peer reviews, and training.
University of California, Davis
2008-07-01 - 2011-05-01
Web Developer
  • Developed section 508 compliant websites by writing hand-coded HTML, CSS, and Javascript for the University Relations department including the university’s home page, annual report website, centennial website, and Aggie Family Pack, providing information to 100K+ visitors.
  • Architected and developed contest management software for Education Abroad photo contest that received over 500 entries and calculated over 100K votes. Subsequently expanded the software to support videos and integration with YouTube API.
  • Performed detailed website analysis using Selenium IDE to identify the cross-browser and accessibility issues. Results were used to resolve issues and optimize the user experience.
Minnick Web Services
2007-01-01 - 2008-03-01
Web Developer
  • Developed web sites by collaborating on teams with clients, implementing object-oriented design patterns and following agile development strategies on contracted projects using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.
  • Created streamlined solutions for clients including a single sign-on system for, combining a third-party job listings site and two account systems into a single user account.
  • Collaborated on projects to enhance the user experience and build engagement, including developing a social network for MyGDC game developer conference that provided user profiles and discussion boards as well as created a conference itinerary and facilitated meeting room reservations.
  • Monitored and supported client websites and maintained 99% high availability uptime as well as coordinated routing maintenance for servers, work stations and software.
American River College
Computer Science - Associates
2016-06-01 - 2018-01-01
Sierra College
Computer Science - Associates
2006-06-01 - 2010-01-01
Web Development
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Mpeg
  • MP4
  • GIF

Matthew Pasteris, July 27, 2016, Matthew managed Joshua directly
Joshua Morris is the quintessential Engineer. Curiosity and invention flow through his blood. The need to solve problems and build new things is embedded in his DNA. Joshua is always attentive to new trends in the industry and constantly absorbing new tech into his development arsenal. I feel that coding and development is a true passion for him. He's the sort of person who builds out original apps in his spare time, even after spending all day in front of a computer at work. To that end, the work he produces is understandably impressive. He excels at finding new ways to do things, often improving upon user experience, relieving dependencies, and accelerating load times. The man knows his stuff. Any business would be lucky to have his mind at their disposal.
Khari Clemens, July 1, 2016, Joshua worked with Khari in the same group
If ever there needs to be an example of an individual who goes the extra mile to make a team stronger, Joshua is it. During my time working with Trion Worlds, Joshua continually amazed us with his in-depth knowledge of existing code patterns, languages, systems and methodologies, as well as emerging new technologies that could bring innovation to the company. Aside from being a very competent worker and knowledgable resource, Joshua is a genuinely good person who has the best of intentions for those who he comes into contact with. Working with him has been a delight, and he has taught me to enjoy things that I didn't even know I had interest in. I pride myself at being able to absorb information fairly quickly, but Joshua's keen sense of technical understanding and grasp of code logic is a feat I have yet to match. I would love to work with Joshua again, and I firmly believe that he will enrich any team who is lucky enough to have him.
Amy Cluck-McAlister, January 9, 2013, Joshua worked with Amy in the same group
I worked with Josh on many projects at MinnickWeb. Not only was he knowledgeable about computers and programming, but he was reliable and always quick to respond. He had a great attitude and was a fun person to work with as well.
Boris Amchislavsky, November 6, 2012, Joshua worked with Boris in the same group
Josh is as creative as he is technically proficient. Brainstorming and collaborating with him on several projects at Trion has been very successful and rewarding. He always looks at opportunities to innovate, not only to be on the "cutting edge," but to also improve how they experience content on the web.
Jeremy Postlethwaite, September 13, 2012, Joshua worked with Jeremy in the same group
Joshua is an excellent developer and system administrator. His ideas are always on point, intelligent and he is a great teammate. Joshua is always aware of best practices, cutting edge technology including mobile development, performance and application usability when developing projects. Joshua can handle any project.
Alex Rodberg, August 2, 2012, Alex was senior to Joshua but didn’t manage directly
Joshua was a go-getter, and a pleasure to work with. He delivered excellent results on time and with a great attitude!
Greg Bauman, April 6, 2012, Greg worked with Joshua in different groups
Joshua brings a great attitude along with his excellent web knowledge and experience. We worked a lot on implementing all sorts of social media aspects on several sites - and I'd jump at the chance to work with him again!
Jeff Sawyer, April 4, 2012, Joshua worked with Jeff in the same group
I have had the pleasure of working with Joshua on several projects at Trion. He has an impressive set of technical skills that he leverages on all his projects. Joshua is passionate about the latest web standards and his engineering expertise would be valuable on any team.
Jim Butler, March 28, 2012, Jim was senior to Joshua but didn’t manage directly
Josh throws himself deeply into projects, looking at the website from the point of view of the consumer and then developing the website capabilities to meet and exceed expectations. And don't cross him in PvP!
Joshua Lanada, March 25, 2012, Joshua worked with Joshua in the same group
Joshua is a great asset in not only the development of the End of Nations website but to Trion’s web development team overall. With his superb technical skills, he is able to foresee any problems and able to handle any last-minute problems with ease. I feel very confident whenever I assign milestones to him because I know they will get done on timely manner. A true professional web developer indeed!
Lance James, March 24, 2012, Joshua worked with Lance in the same group
I've been lucky enough to have Joshua at hand to help us get our End of Nations website and blog up and running. His ability to get things done is amazing as well as his reliability. I know if I'm having problems, I can shoot Joshua a message and be at ease because I know Joshua will get it taken care of with haste. Joshua has been an instrumental part of our Web Dev team and we couldn't have made it where we are without his expertise. In 3 words - Reliable, Intelligent, and Meticulous.
Evelyn Padilla, February 17, 2012, Joshua worked with Evelyn in the same group
I had the pleasure of working with Joshua on a complex project. He was able to take my vision – and the visions of many others involved – and create a functional product with all the bells and whistles that were imagined. Joshua’s talent, great attitude, not to mention his patience with those of us who don’t speak web programming, would be an asset to any organization and I highly recommend him.
Rick Hill, May 18, 2010, Joshua worked with Rick in the same group
Joshua has excellent PHP and Web coding skills. He stays abreast of current Web technologies. Using his arsenal of skills and knowledge, he can identify different approaches to solving challenges that meet client and operational needs. I appreciate his willingness to share his expertise with his peers in a collaborative and supportive manner.
Russell Thebaud, March 25, 2010, Joshua worked with Russell in the same group
I've worked with Joshua for two years so far and he always has good ideas and skills to bring to projects. He's great to work with.
Chris Minnick, March 22, 2010, Chris managed Joshua directly
Josh is a skilled programmer and systems administrator who cares deeply about doing good work and finding the right solution to technical problems. His expertise and resourcefulness were instrumental to the success of many projects during his time with my company. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Jay Leek, March 19, 2010, Joshua worked with Jay in the same group
Joshua and I have cooperated on two projects directly, and I have seen his work with other partners. He is very knowledgeable to begin with, and where a new skill is needed to complete a task, he seems to be able to acquire it quickly. I am happy to recommend Joshua for any relevant project.
Lisa Lapin, March 18, 2010, Lisa was senior to Joshua but didn’t manage directly
Joshua is a very skilled, dedicated, highly reliable Web programmer. He stepped into his role at UC Davis and was immediately effective and a very valuable member of our team. He has creative solutions and an adept problem solver. I recommend him highly.
Elliot Lopez, March 18, 2010, Joshua worked with Elliot in the same group
Joshua is an extremely competent and professional developer who is able to juggle multiple competing priorities while producing excellent work. In addition, Joshua is a great guy to work with. I would recommend him to any organization looking for a Web developer with broad expertise and a desire to innovate.