José Joaquín Atria
PhD Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences

Well on my way towards an academic career, I grew more interested in the implementation of research software than in publishing research papers. Since then, I've turned my career around, and I'm constantly looking for ways to use my experience to benefit the community at large
2018-12-19 - Ongoing
    2015-02-01 - Ongoing
    Co-Founder and Lead Speech Scientist
    Voiceble taught me a lot about how to balance a methodologically-sound and scientifically accurate system with the requirements of a commercial enterprise, and with how such a system can be implemented on the web
      University of Sheffield
      2016-04-01 - 2018-12-07
      Research Facilitator in Speech Technology
      The CloudCAST is an ambitious project aiming to use state-of-the-art speech recognition systems for the benefit of clinical populations, particularly in developing countries. Working on this project I was in charge of the API design, and got to learn a lot about how to make those endpoints talk to our underlying ASR library
        - Ongoing
        I used Praat for most of my academic career, and developed an international reputation as an expert in using it through its scripting language. As such, I collaborated with researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs both developing new tools and as a professional consultant, and learned how to deal with their different needs and perspectives
          2015-03-18 - Ongoing
          Lead designer and main author
          Motivated by my use of the Praat scripting language, CPrAN is an experimental plugin managemer with the aim to motivating better practices and more collaboration in the Praat community
          • Design is fully backwards compatible, by relying only on existing features
          • The reference CLI client handles installation, browsing, dependency management, and automatic testing
          • I've released multiple plugins covering a wide variety of topics, including selection management, automatic testing, generation of GUI wizards, variadic procedures, JSON (de)serialisation, and a pure-Praat implementation of the printf family of functions
          - Ongoing
          Author and contributor
          I am enthusiastic about participating and contributing to the CPAN, and have to date released a handful of my own modules. I've participated in the Pull Request Challenge since January 2017, and have through it contributed to a number of different distributions and become a co-maintainer of several existing projects
            - Ongoing
              - Ongoing
              STEM Ambassador
              STEMNET is a UK network that works with schools, colleges and private companies to promote STEM subjects and provide opportunities for young people to meet role-models and experience STEM activities.
              • Designed and co-taught an introduction to programming course for secondary school children in the UK
              University College London
              Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences - PhD
              2011-09-01 - 2016-04-01
              Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
              Spanish Literature and Linguistics - BA
              2003-03-01 - 2008-12-01
              Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
              Social Sciences - BA
              2002-03-01 - 2004-03-01
              BecasChile Scholarship for PhD Studies
              The BecasChile Scholarship, assigned by the Chilean government, provides support for overseas graduate studies. This scholarship fully financed my PhD studies in both London and Amherst, MA.
              Scholarship for Research Studies
              MEXT (the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) grants scholarships for graduate and undergraduate overseas students. I was granted a 2-year scholarship to attend the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies to undertake the research that lead to my PhD.
              Scholarship for Short-term Studies
              The Japan Student Services Organization offers support for undergraduate students to attend Japanese universities for cultural and academic exchange. With this scholarship, I wa able to attend the University of Tokyo for a year as a part of their AIKOM exchange program.
              Near-native (IELTS 8.5)
              Intermediate (JLPT 2)
              Data Science
              • R
              • Perl
              • Python
              • Matlab
              • Moose and Moo
              • DBIx::Class
              • AnyEvent
              • Mojolicious
              • Log::Any
              • Type::Tiny
              Version Control
              • git
              • mercurial
              • LaTeX
              • pgfplots
              • pandoc
              Web Development
              • HTML
              • CSS
              • Javascript
              Continuous Integration
              • GitLab CI
              • Travis CI
              • Jenkins
              • Gerrit
              • TAP
              Rock climbing