Jacob Breindel
Software Engineer
Orchard Park

Motivated, experienced developer with a proven track record of success. Excellent problem solving skills paired with an ability to bring abstract solutions into a real world environment.
BlueCross BlueShield of WNY
9-8-17 - Present
IT Developer II
Build and maintain batch processing jobs along with a front end customer relations management platform in Microsoft Dynamics. I work with many customer CLI apps to process data.
    Liazon Benefits Inc
    4-20-15 - 9-15-17
    Software Engineer
    As a member of a large team of software developers I gained invaluable experience working as a member of a large enterprise software company. I also gain a lot of technical experience with the .NET environment as well as messaging architectures in enterprise level software. I served as a technical resource on my team and directed other members of my team on architectural design decisions. I also have insight into the challenges of working with many developers, from both process and software standpoints.
    • Built and maintained microservices in a distributed environment
    • Pioneered a hash tree based approach for data consistency
    • Moved data and application logic from SqlServer to MongoDB
    10-20-14 - 4-17-15
    Software Developer
    Gained real world software engineering experience. I helped build and maintain applications written with a variety of different web languages and paradigms. I mainly worked with the Symfony 2 enterprise framework, but also work with AngularJS, as well as a variety of different web libraries. I gained experience in different package and dependency management systems as well as enterprise unit testing. I was also lead research and development engineer on a cutting edge application built around the SIP over WebSocket and WebRTC protocols.
    • Worked with Symphony 2 and AngularJS
    • Architected live video platform leveraging WebRTC and SIP over WebSocket
    Socievo LLC
    12-12-12 - 7-15-16
    Chief Executive Officer
    Started a small startup based in Buffalo. Along with one other developer, I designed and built a web application called Nightli designed to help people find what is going on around them tonight. This included everything from data modeling to server administration. I gained experience with many of the Java EE frameworks like EJB, JPA, JSF and others. I am very familiar with multi-layer applications using these frameworks. I am also very experienced with MySQL including MySQL Cluster. I also help develop native applications in both the Android and iOS operating systems.
    • Developed a cloud based JavaEE web application
    • Leveraged MySQL and Tile38 databases
    • Developed mobile applications for both iOS and Android
    Office of Web Services
    10-15-12 - 5-15-14
    As a member of the Web Services team I have learned a wealth of knowledge about software engineering as well as how to work well in a team environment. Being a part of an organization that manages over 70 websites as well as many web applications, and content management systems has made me a professional developer.
    • Developed ticketing system for web services
    • Architected solution for the Registrar to manage classes
    University at Buffalo
    Computer Science and Engineering - Bachelor of Science
    8-28-10 - 5-10-14
    Student Employee of the Year - 1st Runner Up
    Student Affairs, Career Services
    Out of 80 nominees from different fields across the university, I received this award from Career Services. I was nominated by my superior.
    Big Data Essentials - Certificate
    Linux Academy
    Discussed architectural requirements and principles of Big Data infrastructures and the intersection of cloud computing with Big Data. Also provide an overview of the most popular Big Data technologies including core Hadoop, the Hadoop ecosystem (Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, Kafka, Storm, Ambari, Oozie, Zookeeper), NoSQL databases and Apache Spark.
    • Java
    • C#
    • Erlang
    • Javascript
    • Elm
    • Swift
    • Php
    • MySql
    • MongoDB
    • Mnesia
    • SqlServer
    • Redis
    • ArangoDB
    Build Tools
    • Npm
    • Rebar3
    • Maven
    • Gradle
    • Composer
    Computer Science
    • Distributed Systems
    • Functional Programming
    • Big Data

    Doug Kozar
    I feel as though Jake has far exceeded expectations at Web Services. I would recommend him for employment and would hire him on my team if the opportunity presented itself.