Ian Campbell
Full-Stack Developer
Palo Alto

Private Tutor for Computer Science
2014-9-20 - undefined-undefined-undefined
  • Achieved a minimum grade of 90% for all school assignments
  • Systematized detection and correction of top 3 student motivation challenges
  • Created curricula for first-time programmers across many popular programming languages
Tunxis Booking
2017-10-1 - 2018-7-1
FullStack Developer
  • eliminated developer-facing redux reducers and low-level network requests by standardizing redux actions, and creating a reducer factory
  • streamlined development cycles by introducing scrum with burndown charts
  • designed and implemented company's RESTful api with rails
  • delivered a React SPA front-end based on UI mockups
Software Architect
2016-9-15 - 2016-12-19
  • Architected and documented a redesign of the central REST API which supported external dealers and fleet managers and internal sales and support operations
  • Enabled business operations through a redesign of the administration component of the internal website
  • Improved system capacity for high throughput data by transitioning to a microservice architecture, leveraging an open source API gateway service, and a column-store database
  • Optimized the existing mobile app API for network latency, reducing the number of network calls
Software Development Intern
2016-6-16 - 2016-9-15
  • Created a prototype bike sharing IOS app, which was used to secure google as a potential customer
  • Rapidly designed and implemented an interactive information display used at Costco road-shows across the country.
2018-12-20 - undefined-undefined-undefined
    2016-2-20 - 2016-3-15
    • Written with React, Node.js, Ruby on Rails libraries
    • Collaborated with Curriculum Associates Sales Operations Team to create a web-based tool
    • Designed to collect and export product end user data used for sales reporting from sales representatives and customers
    2014-1-3 - 2014-3-25
    • Developed a food management app for a dormitory using Node.js, Express.js, and Mongodb on a team of 3
    • Designed the product using A/B testing and user interviews for guidance, while producing a working app at the end of each week
    • Features included browsing and requesting new items, and suggestions for recipes based on the contents of the pantry
    Stanford University
    Science, Technology and Society - Bachelor of Science
    2010-9-20 - 2015-11-11
            Ruby On Rails