Chad Johnston

Application developer, specializing in Java and Javascript. Extensive experience in client/server architecture as well as web applications. Experience in writing secure software as well as documenting it. Experience with Agile development methodologies, including Scrum and XP. Manager and contributor to several open source projects.
Blackhawk Network
2015-10 - 2016-12
Senior UI Engineer
  • Created dynamic framework within ExtJS for automatically generating UI form pages to define product configuration. The framework handles control creation as well as validation and inter-field dependencies. Implemented dynamic grid creation with matching add/edit/delete functionality.
  • Added robust form validation capabilities to support cross-field dependencies. Created a framework to allow for validation warnings to be created in addition to errors.
  • Created interface using ExtJS and Rails for users to export and import product configurations in a simple manner without requiring a deployment activity.
  • Added unit testing via Karma/Jasmine and lint checking via ESLint to the JavaScript build process, helping to reduce errors and catch existing issues.
  • Created a Vagrant environment provisioned via Puppet that builds a full development environment for UI developers on my team. This reduced new developer setup time to only a couple of hours versus one or more days.
  • Created JavaScript coding standards and began the process of creating a visual style guide for the UI.
  • Mentored interns on UI tasks.
Fluke Networks/NETSCOUT
2013-11 - 2015-10
UI Developer
  • Added administrative interface for new User Discovery feature, involving UI design/creation, and endpoint creation through ASP.NET and NodeJS with Express. All configurations are stored in CouchDB.
  • Designed and built new user interface for analyzing VoIP issues using ExtJS. The new interface shows more data in a smaller area while being simpler for users to pinpoint quality issues.
  • Built an internal server monitoring website using Node.JS/Express/MongoDB/JQuery. The site was built as a proof of concept but quickly became popular for easily determining the status of development servers.
  • Assumed responsibility for product security issues. This included communication with customers about vulnerability status, running vulnerability scans, and coordination of efforts to remediate identified security issues with the product.
2013-03 - 2013-10
Senior Software Engineer
  • Created module for aggregation of events related to digital program insertion. Aggregated events were then checked for overall success/failure.
  • Created module for interacting with multiple devices via SNMP.
Sports Data Hub
2008-04 - 2011-08
Java Consultant
  • Created a user registration application using Grails.
  • Integrated the application with PayPal in order to support purchasing of subscriptions, both one-time and recurring.
  • Used Acegi security to connect to a CAS server to provide single sign-on capability
Optum Health
2007-07 - 2013-03
Software Development Lead/Scrum Master
  • Project lead and Scrum master for a project using JSF, Spring, LDAP, and Mule ESB. The project will consolidate several offerings and has been ahead of schedule and budget.
  • Scrum Master and development lead on all phases of a project to integrate with an external system to allow advanced claim editing. All phases of the project were delivered on time with all required functionality.
  • Implemented changes, including a new web service, to make existing product CAQH CORE compliant.
  • Created web-based functionality, including a web interface for member matching and routing using JBoss Seam and JSF and allowing records to be searched through the web UI using Struts. Made changes to legacy web UI that uses XML and XSLT.
  • Led and participated in efforts to improve the server side functionality of the company’s J2EE based application. This included adding support for new transactions and adding new functionality to the company's J2EE based application for processing large batches of X12 transactions.
  • Created and enhanced standalone Swing and utility applications, including a multithreaded application for data polling and processing.
  • Introduced Scrum and led a pilot project using the process. This evolved into becoming the acting Scrum Master for multiple teams, including offshore resources. Received positive feedback from stakeholders.
2004-01 - 2007-07
Senior Software Engineer
  • Maintenance and new development on Infoworkspace (IWS) collaborative environment.
  • Made interoperability enhancements to IWS by adding XMPP multi-user chat support to IWS, including a custom solution for encrypting and digitally signing individual XMPP messages.
  • Added EZinCMD feature to IWS, which allows monitoring of multiple chat rooms.
  • Led four person team in creating a secure data aggregation tool, using Web services and J2EE components. The software was delivered on time and under budget.
  • Introduced Scrum as the development process. Assumed Scrum Master duties for all development projects.
  • Introduced many improvements to the development infrastructure, including a custom Eclipse plugin and Ant task, installation/configuration of CVS, installation/configuration of web-based time tracking, installation/configuration of collaborative wiki software.
  • Responsible for identifying possible security vulnerabilities in IWS and for making security enhancements to the product. These changes included making IWS conform to NSA Suite B cryptography standards and changes to IWS to make it FIPS 140-2 compliant.
2002-08 - 2003-12
Senior Developer
  • Senior developer for creation of, including creation of interface used by customer service reps and in-studio game management. Developed Perl script to create the bingo cards.
  • Integrated Jtagmanager JSP editing tool into the NetBeans and SunONE Studio development environments using Java Swing.
  • Developed a recruiting application in C# to track resumes received by the company, using Windows Forms, ADO, and COM interop to facilitate export of data into MS Word.
  • Team member for open source web application framework TurboM2. Used extreme programming techniques including test-first development and pair programming. Created plugins for the NetBeans and Eclipse IDEs to support creation and management of TurboM2 web applications.
Megatome Technologies
2002-01 - Ongoing
  • Created/maintained open source project for converting JavaDoc into a format usable by Dash. Conversion is supported through a command line interface, Maven plugin, or Gradle plugin.
  • Created iOS application for determining personal data worth. Created open source Java/Swing version of same.
  • Created/maintained open source Wordpress plugin for syntax highlighting.
  • Created/maintained open source Grails plugin for ReCaptcha display and verification.
  • Created/maintained open source Perl module for determining Windows system information.
  • Created/maintained open source Java module available via Maven to assist characterization testing.
  • Created/maintained open source module to support Parallax LCDs under the Arduino IDE
Sunset Group Limited
2000-01 - 2001-11
    Northrop Grumman
    1998-05 - 2000-01
    Systems Security Engineer
      University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
      Computer Science - Bachelor of Science
      1993-08 - 1998-05
      Web Development
      • JavaScript
      • HTML
      • CSS
      • MVC
      • REST
      • NodeJS
      • Express
      • ReactJS
      • ExtJS
      • Grunt
      • Java 8
      • JEE
      • Spring
      • Groovy
      • Grails
      • MySQL
      • PostgreSQL
      • NoSQL
      • ORM
      • Agile
      • Scrum
      • XP
      • IntelliJ/WebStorm
      • Git
      • Gradle
      • Maven
      • TeamCity