Denys Pasishnyi
Senior Software Engineer - Remote

I’m a software developer who loves working with open source technology. I have 9+ years of comprehensive experience in developing webs, APIs, microservices and server tools across multiple business sectors including e-commerce, FinTech, social networks, etc. Lover of high quality, readable, self-explanatory and testable code. Currently interested in projects on Golang.
2018-09 - Ongoing
Software Developer (remote)
    Blocktech Services
    2017-08 - Ongoing
    Software Developer (remote)
    • Developed and maintained microservices and API for FinTech
    • Improved code quality and performance of data collectors from external APIs
    • Improved and created new behaviours for cryptocurrency order processing
    • Implemented Agile techniques and I started creating internal coding standards
    • Supervise blockchain development on Komodo Platform
    • Stack: Golang, Gin, MariaDB, Redis, gRPC/API, Docker, Gitlab, WebSocket, Unit testing, PHP/Silex
    2017-05 - 2017-07
    Software Developer (remote)
    • Created sharding proxy for internal services communication
    • Stack: Golang, Docker, TCP, Git / Github, Unit testing
    BCV Social
    2017-04 - 2017-05
    Back-end Developer (remote)
    • Improved development environment splitting services in Docker containers
    • Adapted code and development environment for HTTPS
    • Implemented PSR and Symfony coding standards
    • Fixed several application bugs
    • Stack: PHP / Symfony, Docker, MySQL, Github
    2017-01 - 2017-06
    • Rebuilt API and functionality as crawling from PHP / Symfony to Golang of own Newpsel project
    • Stack: Golang, Gorilla, MariaDB, Redis, API, Docker, Java / Android / Gradle, Vue.js, crawling, Git
    2016-10 - 2017-01
    Full-Stack Developer (remote)
    • Created API for gift-cards selling
    • Developed web administration for API
    • Stack: PHP / Symfony, Docker, PostgreSQL, Redis, API, Git / Github
    Aether Consulting S.L.
    2016-10 - 2016-11
    Back-end Developer (remote)
    • Fixed bugs and refined synchronization of FinTech part of the application (CaixaBank)
    • Completed implementation of product delivery/stock, and loan confirmations
    • Stack: PHP / Magento, Subversion
    2015-12 - 2016-09
    Full-Stack Developer (remote)
    • Coded employers management, and social interactions in backend and frontend
    • Created and improved many API endpoints
    • Refactored tracking system with Mixpanel
    • Integrated products migration to eBay, Amazon MWS / Advertising, and Google Shopping
    • Contributed for adaption of some Agile techniques
    • Stack: PHP / Symfony, MariaDB, Redis, Docker, Backbone.js, API, Git / Github / Zenhub
    2014-09 - 2015-12
    Full-Stack Developer / Scrum master
    • Developed several important features following high quality standards and agile techniques
    • Managed a team as a Scrum Master and implemented Scrum of Scrums
    • Integrated Zendesk, Mixpanel, Intercom, and Segment for marketing team
    • Contributed to implementation of Domain-Driven Design in main application
    • Stack: PHP / Symfony, MySQL, Redis, Docker, Golang, Javascript / CoffeeScript / jQuery, API, C, Jenkins, AWS, Git / Github, Jira, Kibana / New Relic, Unit / Integration testing
    2013-04 - 2016-08
    • Created cutting-edge Android app to read and listen RSS feeds
    • Created API for Android and Chrome extension
    • Created web for feeds management and admin panel
    • Stack: PHP / Symfony, API, Java / Android / Android Wear / Gradle, TTS, Javascript / HTML / CSS, Docker, Git / Bitbucket, AWS, Firebase
    2012-04 - 2014-06
    Back-end Developer
    • Participated in development of social network Pinroom (similar to Pinterest)
    • Developed several features in e-commerce project Fancybox
    • Participated in the development of an e-commerce base which evolved to Elcodi
    • Participated in the development of Chickplace based on created e-commerce base
    • In part-time integrated Stripe, Google Wallet, and Authorize.Net payment systems into an open source project for e-commerce base
    • Stack: PHP / Symfony, MySQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, Javascript / jQuery, AWS, Git / Github, Vagrant, Jenkins, Redmine, Selenium, Varnish, Unit / Functional testing
    2011-02 - 2012-04
    Web Developer / Team leader
    • Maintained and developed new features for e-commerce AndorraFreeMarket
    • Managed team of four developers and coordinated projects with clients
    • Directed the migration from OsCommerce to Magento and from VisualBasic to Symfony
    • Extended functionality of Magento (ClickLine) and integrated ASM, GLS, Nacex, Parcel, TNT
    • Stack: PHP / Symfony / Magento / OsCommerce, MySQL, Javascript / jQuery, HTML / CSS, Git
    JAD Solucions
    2008-12 - 2010-09
    Web Developer
    • Created several webs based on internal CMS
    • Participated in the development of an e-learning platform by questionnaires for FECIC
    • Stack: PHP / Symfony / Savant3, Javascript / Prototype, HTML / CSS, Subversion, Mantis
    IES Carles Vallbona
    Software Development - Bachelor
    2008-09 - 2010-07
    Professional working proficiency
    Full professional proficiency
    Native speaker
    Full professional proficiency
    Limited working proficiency
    • Golang
    • Javascript
    • PHP
    • Java
    • C
    • SOLID
    • KISS
    • YAGNI
    • DRY
    • Agile
    • Scrum
    • 12 factor app
    • GitFlow
    • High availability
    • High-performance teams
    • MySQL / MariaDB / PostgreSQL
    • Redis
    • MongoDB
    • ElasticSearch
    • RabbitMQ
    • Firebase
    • Linux
    • Docker
    • AWS (EC2, RDS, S3, SES, Route53)
    • Digital Ocean
    • Nginx
    • Apache
    • Kubernetes
    • Vagrant
    • Unit testing
    • Integration testing
    • Functional testing
    • TDD
    • BDD
    • A/B testing
    • Selenium
    Frameworks / libraries
    • Gin (Golang)
    • Gorilla (Golang)
    • Symfony (PHP)
    • Vue.js
    • Backbone.js
    • Android SDK
    • Git
    • Gradle
    • Kibana
    • New Relic
    Self study
    • Algorithms
    • Machine learning
    • mountain biking
    • acroyoga
    • kiteboarding
    • skiing
    • swimming
    • hiking
    • wakesurfing
    • snowboarding
    • wakeboarding
    • diving
    • squash
    • karate
    • climbing

    Sergi Compte (Blocktech Services - founder)
    Denys was an important asset in our project and is a great team player. He is a strong technical engineer that always brings great ideas to improve and advance project. Denys has implemented some agile methodologies to improve task management and team organization. He is a dedicated and hard worker developer.
    Patryk Małek (Blocktech Services - backend co-worker)
    Denys is an incredibly industrious and intelligent software engineer with whom I had a pleasure to work with. He is a person that one can always have a genuine and productive discussion about software and best practices. He is open for new ideas and is very good at implementing them. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him for my company.
    Sergey Ryabenko (Mobillogix - CTO)
    Denis did great work supporting and developing complex backend for iOS application. Denis is self managed, highly motivated developer who like to use modern technics in everyday work. Denis is communicative and he speaks 3 languages, which makes communication even more easy. Nice job!
    Pedro Magriço (Typeform - Director of Product Growth)
    Denys was one of the first developers in the product growth team at Typeform, where he helped us optimize the product onboarding as well as our pricing & packaging. He's a dedicated, hard worker who's always eager to learn more and help his team work more efficiently.
    Gonzalo Míguez Hermosilla (BeRepublic - Tech Lead)
    Denys is hard-working, innovative and above all, an excellent team player. Always with a smile, he tackles his tasks quickly and swiftly, and makes sure he follows the conventions set for the team. He can contribute to architecture decisions and has an eagerness to learn that will turn him into a great developer. Denys also speaks 5 languages and has a deep interest in different topics, this makes him great to provide different points of view and experiences which in turn make the team richer and more inclusive. All things considered, I think Denys will be an asset to any team he is a part of.
    Jaume Solís Delfín (Diprotech - CTO)
    Denys estuvo con nosotros durante 1 año y 3 meses, en ese tiempo, realizo tareas de programación, análisis y comunicación directa con el cliente. Destaco en su pro actividad y en su nivel de aprendizaje de nuevos frameworks.
    David Fernandez (JAD Solucions - Co Founder)
    Durante 14 meses Denys a realizado trabajos de programación y analista para proyectos bajo plataforma web de nuestra empreas. En el desempeño de dicho trabajo ha demostrado un alto nivel de iniciativa propia, dedicación, seriedad y compromiso con los proyectos asignados