Diego Caravana
Full-stack Senior Software Engineer. Innovation addict. Self starter.

London-based, experienced technical leader and software architect and engineer. Passionate in understanding and solving architecture issues of application of any type and size (client/server, web, distributed, mobile, desktop), with particular attention to lean and efficient productivity and high quality of outcomes. Experienced in scalability and optimisation of distributed applications in multi-platform and heterogeneous environments. Continuous research and study in the fields of software technologies and software production processes. Deep and wide experience in practical innovation both in large companies and in startups, specifically related to solving innovation issues in the context of software development. I enjoyed making software for very different business markets: book printing/publishing, sports management, logistics, media engagement measurement. Specialties: innovation processes, Application/framework architect and developer, senior engineer, ALM/SCM expert, database analyst/developer, network/system administrator.
Crowd Emotion Ltd
2013-07-01 - Ongoing
Technical Founder
CrowdEmotion is a people company working on a personalised future where people and technology are merged: today, we generate emotion data and learn it against other metrics like claimed response, behaviour and business data. As the technical founder, I work with the CEO to inform the strategy on building scalable, modular design that links cloud based processing power with every day sensor devices to generate and report on emotion data. I designed the primary system architecture and built a full stack product to initial market revenues and profitability. As my CEO would say, I am a hacker in the truest sense. I take complex problems, learn new methods, and build technology that stand up at scale under tight timelines to quickly learn and improve product-market fit.
  • Participated and contributed to board direction.
  • Linked tech development to a bootstrapped strategy.
  • Designed and built a highly scalable emotion recognition engine.
  • Worked closely with universities to make academic research available as an usable product.
  • Created an end to end user admin platform for video testing.
  • Achieved revenue generation.
  • Key Technologies: C/C++, PHP, Java, Javascript, HTML5, Bootstrap, Jenkins, MySQL, SQLite, JSON, TDD, Scrum, iOS, Android, AWS Beanstalk, AWS RDS, AWS S3, AWS SWF, AWS EC2, AWS ECS, AWS Lambda, AWS EFS, AWS DynamoDB, AWS ElastiCache (redis), AWS CloudFront, AWS Route 53, AWS CloudWatch, AWS IAM, AWS EMR, AWS ML, AWS SQS, AWS SNS, AWS SES.
Demologics Ltd
2013-01-01 - 2013-06-01
Technical Founder, Senior Software Engineer
Continuing the experience of aicon.me project, Demologics is a cloud based web service for market research companies, advertising agencies, professional web design and usability that evaluates from the user perspective all relevant aspects of communication: emotions, behaviors and opinions.
  • Development of CrowdEmotion MVP for beta testers and early adopters.
2011-04-01 - 2012-12-01
Technical Founder, Senior Software Engineer
aicon.me is a cloud based web service for market research companies, advertising agencies, professional web design and usability that evaluates from the user perspective all relevant aspects of communication: emotions, behaviors and opinions. As technical founder, I have conceived, designed and implemented CrowdEmotion, the innovative SaaS platform for market research and communication evaluation.
  • Design and implementation of the first web application capable of measuring emotions through the use of a simple webcam.
  • Made high-level design choices for the software architecture and deciding about technical standards (including coding standards, tools, or platforms)
  • Developed CrowdEmotion MVP for beta testers and early adopters in a bit more than 6 months.
  • Strived to keep the software architecture as simple as possible to maximise effectiveness in finding product/market fit
  • Cloud-based (AWS) from the outset.
  • Key Technologies: SaaS, cloud computing, big data, video streaming, scalability, PHP, CakePHP, Javascript, MySQL, Bootstrap, Flash (webcam recording), video.js (HTML5 video player), python, iOS, Android.
2001-04-01 - 2012-07-01
Analyst, Senior Software Engineer, Technical Leader
Deltatre is a global leader for the sport business: digital, mobile, social, broadcast, results, content and professional services. I worked with Deltatre for more than 10 years, participating in various project with different roles.
  • Senior Software Engineer (2001): co-responsible for analysis and development of the applications of Match Sports (Field Hockey, Rugby 7’s, Netball) and team coordination.
  • Senior Software Engineer (2002): development and extensive usage of complex frameworks (developed exclusively for the customer) with features like generic resources management, user/group/permission management, and with integrations and extensions.
  • Technical Leader (2004): worked in a project meant to build a framework and a modular web intranet/extranet software composed by generic (document management, calendar, etc.) and specific modules used to drive the sport business.
  • ALM/SCM Leader, Technical Leader (2008): Technical Leader of CSI (Common Software Infrastructure) Unit: research, analysis and development of methodologies and tools for team software development and SCM (Software Configuration Management).
  • Technical Leader (2009): Innovation Development Team (IDT) member, working directly with the CTO, I focused on research about social tools (realized also a prototype that became deltatre.PULSE) also worked on video production, hardware, natural language processing, distributed systems.
  • Technical Leader (2011): lead the development of Camut, a geographically-distributed real-time Load Testing platform built on the cloud (AWS, Azure) and node.js.
  • iOS Software Developer (2012): I was in charge of part of tracking (xiti/AT Internet, eStat) and of social integration (Twitter, Facebook), using both plug-in code and customized code for specific behaviour.
  • Key Technologies: cloud computing (AWS EC2, SimpleDB, RDS, Azure), Linux, PHP, MongoDB, CouchDB, advanced web technologies (advanced typography, Comet protocol, RESTful services), social web sites API (Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed), SCM/ALM, Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), SVN, agile methodologies, Microsoft.NET, Visual Studio.NET, Visual C# / Basic.NET, ASP.NET, Microsoft COM, ATL, TCP/IP, Visual C++, Visual Basic, stored procedures, SQLServer 2000
2009-04-01 - 2013-12-01
Technical Founder
A4mani project provides technology and innovation services for the publishing/printing industry based on 20 years of experience and an extended network of companies and professionals. I have started this initiative in collaboration with Nadia Camandona Editore, a small book publisher: together we enabled innovation for both consumers and businesses in the form of ebooks, eInk ebook readers, web-to-print services, and others.
  • First consumer shop in Italy specialised in eInk ebook readers.
  • Analysis and development of PageReam http://pageream.com/ a SaaS web-to-print application featuring in-browser advanced typography features, professional workflow management and usability.
Company in Turin
2006-01-01 - 2007-12-01
Project Leader, Main Developer
Company in Turin in the business of production and distribution of physical goods. With a small team, I designed and developed a web CMS with a back-office user interface completely visual (the site administrator composes the pages starting from basic visual building blocks).
  • Designing and building a web CMS has been a fundamental experience for me to obtain great results in the subsequent experiences with web projects.
  • Managed the project, the Dev Team and the relationship with the customer.
  • Managed the IT infrastructure (hosting, servers, installation, maintenance).
  • Key Technologies: Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Prado framework, ezpdo (ORM), HTML, Javascript, CSS.
Testawebedv (Armando Testa)
2006-01-01 - 2006-12-01
Analyst, Senior Software Engineer
Armando Testa is the biggest Italian communications and advertising agency. I designed and developed a TCP/IP gateway server for a J2ME mobile chat application.
  • Analysis and development of the Java multi-threaded gateway between the chat midlet (running on a phone) and the customer application server (through Web Services).
  • Designed and implemented a custom optimized protocol between the midlet and the server directly on TCP/IP.
  • Key Technologies: Eclipse IDE, Java, J2ME, multi-threading TCP/IP server, midlet, protocols, JSON.
2003-01-01 - 2003-12-01
Technical Founder, Senior Software Engineer
SAGEFIT offers distribution services of physical goods all over Italy. I have built the logistic information system
  • Analysis, design, development, test and maintenance of the logistic information system.
  • Design of the databases and of the architecture of the applications.
  • Collaboration with experts on the field of logistic management.
  • Management of remote access and related issues for the agents
  • Key Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Visual Basic, Windows CE.
Politecnico di Torino
2002-02-01 - 2004-12-01
Analyst, Senior Software Engineer
For more than 150 years, the Politecnico di Torino has been one of the most prestigious public institutions at both the International and the Italian levels. I enjoyed doing analysis and development of a simulation engine used as a teaching tool working together an experienced logistics business expert and teacher.
  • Collaboration with a domain expert for the design of the simulation problem.
  • Integration of the proprietary application used for the study of the problem in the web client with a new, open and portable solution.
  • Key Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft ASP.NET, Windows.NET, Visual Basic, Microsoft Office.
1999-06-01 - 2001-03-01
Connet provides services related to IT for small/medium companies. I enjoyed a great experience in customer-care with a variety of technologies and needs working for customers like Mistral/Brooksfield (fashion), FORE (ad agency), FISIO (physiotherapic clinic), National Museum of Cinema of Turin, etc.
  • I was consultant, system designer, integrator, developer. I did web development, installation, administration.
  • Design and development of custom applications with integration to legacy systems and databases for medium-big sized clients.
  • Installation and configuration of networks (to the Internet and point-to-point).
  • After-sales services for various platforms.
  • Key Technologies: Java, Linux, Windows, MacOS X, AS/400, DB/2, Oracle, web development, UML, development tools, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, Java, FileMaker.
D. P. & V. Associati
1997-01-01 - 1999-01-01
Senior Software Engineer
DP&V offers distribution services of physical goods, in particular the distribution of the products of L'Orèal all over Italy. I have built the logistic information system.
  • In this role I learned fundamental concepts about project management, goods delivery and logistics, application architecture design, distributed databases.
  • Design of databases and architecture of the applications.
  • Collaboration with experts on the field of logistic management.
  • Support to the outsourced development of the application for Windows CE mobile devices.
  • Management of the interaction with the legacy information systems of the clients.
  • Management of remote access and related issues for the agents (50 people).
  • Internal network administration (50 workstations) distributed on two locations in the north of Italy.
  • Web sites and Intranet administration.
  • Development of application for day-by-day usage (Java, Microsoft Access).
  • Key Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server 2000, application architecture design, distributed databases; Internet/Intranet; Microsoft Access e VBA; data transmission with dedicated software; database administration (Oracle, Microsoft Access); design and development with Java (Borland JBuilder, Together/J); installation and administration of Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (Server and Workstation), Windows 9x, Windows CE.
1995-01-01 - 1997-01-01
Technical Founder
Information System for publishing/printing companies project (codename: Estimates) able to manage all production steps: project estimates, production, delivery, finance. I was Co-Founder, Team manager, System designer/developer, Java software developer.
  • I enjoyed particularly my friends and me trying to build a better information system for printing companies: it was a good lesson in realism because the project was too big for four young people without funding.
  • Responsible for the architecture of the information system and the database.
  • Developed skills: installation and administration DBMS; design and development of object-oriented multi-user Java applications; installation and administration of web sites and development with HTML/JavaScript.
  • Key Technologies: ERwin, Java, Borland JBuilder, JDBC, Oracle 8, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML, JavaScript, Apache, Netscape Web Server.
G. Canale & C.
1991-06-01 - 1996-06-01
IT Member
G. Canale & C. offers its customers the experience and the skill of a century dedicated to the printed paper and to the creation of editorial projects. This has been my first job (until then the computer was my hobby, my passion since I was 10 years old) and I am particularly proud of my achievements: I had contributed to the initial introduction of computing in the company and to build the infrastructure that had supported the company for many years to follow. At the same time I started my graduation studies.
  • Network Administrator on Novell NetWare 2-4 platform on a geographical network composed by 100 workstations distributed in 4 location in the North of Italy.
  • Development of applications for day-by-day usage.
  • Creation of company-wide reports for the managers at all levels.
  • Technical support for the management of the company information system.
  • Selection, buy and installation of all the hardware and software.
  • Training and support to the end users.
  • Developed skills: installation and administration of geographical and heterogeneous networks; database administration; application development with a variety of languages.
  • Key Technologies: PC with MSDOS, Windows 3.1-95, Apple Macintosh, Unix, OS/2, TCP/IP, IPX, NetBEUI, C/C++, Borland Delphi, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, Internet.
Università degli Studi di Torino
1997-01-01 - 1999-12-31
Students' Group Founder
Foundation and leadership of the independent students' group 'La Zanzara' at the Dipartimento di Informatica di Torino. The group represented students in scholastic institutions for years and .
  • Started from zero and won elections in just a few weeks.
  • Realized many goods things both for students and for the institute.
Università degli Studi di Torino
1997-01-01 - 1999-12-31
Student representative
Student representative at the Dipartimento di Informatica di Torino.
    Stanford University
    Machine Learning - Certification
    2017-01-10 - 2017-03-23
    Università degli Studi di Torino
    Software Engineering - BSc-equivalent degree in Computer Science 'Laurea in Informatica' (Incomplete)
    1991-01-01 - 1997-01-01
    Liceo Scientifico Salesiano Valsalice
    - High School (Scientific)
    1985-01-01 - 1991-01-01
    Professional working
    Research in all areas of Software development
      • Sci-Fi
      • Non-fiction
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