Andrew Billings
Full Stack Web Developer

Andrew 'Drew' Billings currrently resides in Portland OR. Before working for SESAC Rumblefish, Drew was a programmer out of a love for Linux, the web, and video games. Drew's life has been a constant search for the perfect blend of music and programming.
2015-02-01 - 2016-02-16
Web Engineer
Led a web development team at an Industry leader in music liscensing providing an original micro liscensing platform.
  • Developed ruby applciations while also leveraging python and other languages to manipualte large amounts of data.
  • Provided containerization for project management as well as project deployment.
  • Improved the designs for a distributed search and data transformation system.
  • Led a team that developed a search based web application from wireframes to production.
PDXBarcraft Events
2013-11-01 - 2014-09-01
Engineer/Event Director
Designed and operated a live streaming and event coordination system. Maintained a robust intranet, interactive multimedia experience, live streamed event, and video game tournament. Provided overall direction and pacing of the event.
    2014-01-01 - 2014-04-01
    Web Engineer
    Developed JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and HTML Wordpress pages, themes, and Plugins to spec from artist wireframes and product owner application targets.
      2014-01-01 - 2014-04-01
      Web Engineer
      Designed a social media platform with Javaspript, PHP, Python, HTML.
        Free Geek
        2015-06-01 - 2017-01-01
        Deconstructs donated electronics salvaging components for refurbishing and reuse in new systems. Studied system design and Linux administration.
          Free Geek
          2015-06-01 - Ongoing
          Free Geek deconstructs donated electronics salvaging components for refurbishing and reuse in new systems.
            Portland Community College
            Music - Transfer - Bachelor
            2012-03-05 - 2014-06-24
            Living Voices Composer
            PCC Chamber Ensemble
            Web Engineering
            • JavaScript
            • HTML5
            • CSS
            • JQuery
            • Bootstrap
            • AngularJS
            • Node.js
            • Linux
            • Sinatra
            • Ruby on Rails
            • Linux Administration
            • Birds
            • Dogs
            • Fish
            • Jazz
            • Classical
            • Production
            • Composition
            • Instrument Arrangement
            • Transcription
            • Score Analysis
            • History
            • Guitar

            John Getter
            S.V.P., Rumblefish 510-520-5644
            Aren Edlund
            Manager of Software Engineering, Rumblefish 503-720-5910
            David Gluck
            Director of Platform Services, Rumblefish 971-295-6711
            Valerie Tuffy
            Executive Producer, Tresensa 415-786-9195