David England

Very versatile worker with extensive experience in many diverse areas. Able to adapt to almost any work environment. Especially enjoy working with data, programming and statistics.
Real Estate Intelligence Agency, Inc.
2012-10 - Ongoing
Full Stack Developer
  • Integrating IDX (dsIDXpress) MLS into http://www.RealEstate-Huntsville.com
  • Integrating IDX (Broker) MLS into http://CherokeeRidgeHomes.com
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist
  • WordPress theme mods
  • Webmaster. PHP, Javascript, jQuery, and plugins.
Strom Engineering
2014-08 - 2015-10
Seasonal hire for Polaris snowmobile manufacturing.
  • Various LEAN manufacturing assembly line positions
  • End of the line testing and evaluation.
Higher Education
2010-08 - 2014-05
Adjunct Professor/Part-Time Math Teacher
Taught Learning Support Math, Developmental Studies, Algebra, and Statistics.
  • Jackson State Community College (http://jscc.edu)
  • Columbia State Community College (http://columbiastate.edu)
  • University of North Alabama (http://una.edu)
  • ITT Tech - Madison, Alabama (http://itt-tech.info/)
  • Mars Hill Bible School (http://mhbs.org)
England Farms
1967-04 - 2010-12
Born and raised on a family farm. Started young and helped out periodically over the years. Equipment Operator, Mechanic, Wrangler
    ThermaSave of IHSN
    2005-06 - 2007-01
    Worked in the construction, shipping and setup of IHSN franchises for the manufacture of Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs).Also built and assembled houses from SIPs.
      1995-01 - 2001-12
      Freelance Computer Technician
      • Trouble shot computers and resolved network issues.
      • Worked on the family farm.
      Instrumental Sciences, Inc
      2000 - 2001
      Data Scientist
      Investigated the loss of high frequency radio transmissions due to weather events.
        Applied Data Trends, Inc
        1998 - 2000
        Data Scientist
        Extracted and analyzed climate data from NASA and NOAA databases to improve climate models.
          Global Hydrology and Climate Center
          1995 - 1997
          Postdoctoral Research Associate, Atmospheric
          Worked at Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) simulating ozone transport. Continued development of Atmospheric simulations. Wrote papers and proposals.
            The University of Alabama in Huntsville
            1993 - 1995
            Mathematics Lecturer and Research Associate
            Taught Calculus and Differential Equations. Continued research and development of atmospheric numerical models. Wrote papers and proposals.
              DESE Research, Inc.
              1992 - 1993
              Engineer (Testing and Evaluation)
              Analyzed, designed an experiment, then developed a simulation to determine the near-miss distance for the Anti-Satellite (ASAT) project. Provided intelligence support for the First Gulf War.
                University of Alabama in Huntsville
                Math, Statistics and the Atmospheric Sciences - PhD
                1987-01-07 - 1993-06-19
                University of Alabama in Huntsville
                Math, Statistics and the Atmospheric Sciences - MS
                1985-06 - 1987-12-13
                University of North Alabama
                Math, Physics, Statistics and Computer Science - BS
                1978-08-21 - 1983-05-11
                On the Behavior of the Stable Boundary Layer and the Role of Initial Conditions
                Pure and Applied Geophysics

                Predictability of the Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layer
                American Meteorological Society

                Stability functions based upon shear functions
                Boundary Layer Meteorology

                Concerning the Limiting Behavior of Time-dependent Slope Winds
                Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences/American Meteorological Society

                Native speaker (USA/SEC)
                Limited Working
                • Physics
                • Analysis
                • Statistics
                • Theory
                • Research
                • Algorithms
                • Mathematical Modeling
                • TroubleShooting
                • Problem Solving
                • OOP
                • REST
                • SEO
                Web Development
                • HTML
                • JavaScript
                • CSS
                • jQuery
                • Bootstrap
                • Bower
                • npm
                • Grunt
                • Gulp
                • Node.js
                • Apache
                • MySQL
                • PHP
                • XML
                Operating Systems
                • Microsoft Windows
                • Linux
                • WordPress
                • LaTex
                • Git
                • Vagrant
                • VirtualBox
                • JavaScript
                • PHP
                • Java
                • Perl
                • SQL
                • Google Apps Scripting

                Mikko Jetsu
                I have used David for Web and IT technology services for my companies over the years. He was assisting me in early 90's to hand code html for websites - at a time companies were still trying to justify value for building a website. Today he provides advice and support for all IT related challenges my company faces. I admire his ability to keep up with technological change and see the relevance to my business.
                Tammy Borren
                Dr. England is a part-time instructor of mathematics at our Clifton campus. He is good with the students, and willing to be flexible with scheduling. If he says he will teach a class, then I don't have any worries about that class for the semester.
                Derrick T. Copeland
                Dave is hands down brilliant. His perspective and point of view along with his dedication to problem solving were vital to the completion of our advanced research project. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again.
                Justin Hnilo
                I have known David England for 20 years and know him to be an exceptional scientist. His adherence to detail and want to dive into deep problems and work out a solution is something one rarely comes across in the applied sciences. His comprehensive knowledge covers a broad area that of, applied mathematics, physics and mathematical modeling. Though not only a brilliant scientist, one who is always willing to lend a helping hand. I would like to give my strongest recommendation to David England.