Chialin Shih
Front-end developer

I has six years experience dedicated to web development, participate in popo, qidian, and project. Recently using React Native to develop App.
2017-07 - Ongoing
Principal Front-end Engineer
鉅亨網 provides stock quotes, financial and stock news and user can comment on related stock or news.
  • Developed social features of 鉅亨網 App like posts, post list and tag feature for stock
  • Developed portfolio and holding list of Bitbolt App that can track user cryptocurrency automatically
  • Skills: React Native, Redux
2015-09 - 2017-06
Senior Front-end Developer
HWTrek is the collaborative platform that empowers Internet of Things (IoT) professionals to find and secure resources needed at any development stage, speed up the project development process, and deliver a quality product to market.
  • Build a platform to manager project / solution and collaboration tool
  • Build other static pages on website. ex. events, premium pages
  • Skills: React, Redux, webpack, jquery, Sass, git
2012-07 - 2015-07
Senior Engineer
Developed mydlink ( web site, that make user easy to access devices anywhere.
  • I was a NAS and NVR owner, maintained and developed new feature
  • Developed mydlink product, FAQ page and generate advertisement data from server
  • Maintained internal systems include shipping system and report system
  • Redesigned report system to improve data mismatch issue from server
  • Improved git repository structure to make release process faster and easier
  • Skills: PHP, Symphony, HTML, CSS, jquery, Backbone, requirejs, jasmine, git
Qisda Corporation
2010-04 - 2012-04
Software Engineer
Developed windows application using MFC.
  • Developed tool to verify Radio Interface Layer (RIL) middleware on WINCE
  • Integrated download tool of MTK on qisda 2G module for automation production
  • Integrated wireless calibration tool on Wi-Fi/BT module for factory verification
2009-09 - 2010-04
Web Developor
  • popo 原創 (
  • 台灣起點中文網 (
Systex Corporation
2008-08 - 2009-08
Software Engineer
Developed DQ2 stock windows applications, maintained and improved performance of stock transaction view.
    Bifrost 物資管理系統
    2015-06 - Ongoing
    Bifrost 希望建立一個雙向的物資管理平台,讓受贈者與捐贈者可以在同一個平台上,知道目前捐贈的狀況以及哪邊需要什麼種類的物資。
    • Open Data API 應用獎 - 守護台灣 Open Data & Open Source 雲端災防應用開發大賽
    2015-07 - 2015-08
    Hackeditr help you edit Hackfoldr content easily. It is a ongoing project using AngularJS.
      National Chiayi University
      Computer Science and Information Engineering - Master
      2006-09 - 2008-07
      Da-Yeh University
      Computer Science and Information Engineering - Bachelor
      2001-09 - 2005-07
      Web Development
      • Javascript
      • React
      • React Native
      • HTML
      • CSS