Valentin Bryukhanov
Web/Game Developer

I'm a software, web and game developer. Programming is not only a job for me but also a hobby. I also have experience in Puzzle and Game design, especially in designing coding puzzles. My main expertise is in Python, JavaScript, and C# (Unity), but I'm open to new languages and technologies and expanding my knowledge stack. I'm using various frameworks, libraries, and technologies while trying to choose the best ones for a project I'm working on (or for my pet projects).
2016-04-01 - Ongoing
Gameplay Developer
CodeCombat is a multiplayer programming game for learning how to code. Technologies and Skills: Game design, Game Development, Javascript, Python, CoffeeScript, Algorithms, AI.
  • Developing game components and game logic
  • Designing levels, code puzzles and game items
  • Developing AI for CPU players
  • Analyzing and maintaining (balancing) game levels and campaigns