Benjamin J Doherty
Solutions Architect, Senior Developer and Agile Team Lead

Benjamin is a very experienced web developer with expertise in PHP, JavaScript and web standards. He is very familiar with automation, virtualization and cloud infrastructures and a specialist in helping organizations assess their information/technology needs from the ground up. He has long experience working with social justice issues, learning platforms, nonprofit organizations, social services, children's services, social activism, and cultural programs.
2014-04-15 - Ongoing
senior web developer and product owner
Developed projects independently and as part of an agile (scrum) team. Accountable for pre-sales, planning, developer recruiting and continuing education.
  • The Field Museum <> winner of Acquia 2015 Partner Site of the Year in Entertainment
  • Lead developer of Best Money Moves <>, a financial education tool built on Symfony and AngularJS, designed to support millions of users
  • Lead developer of Northwestern University Arts Circle <> in Drupal 7
  • Lead developer of Stock Market Game registration tool <https://> in Symfony and AngularJS and their curriculum search tool <> in AngularJS, Symfony and Elasticsearch
  •, winner of Gold Hermes Creative Award 2016, built on Drupal 8.
  • Chicago Architecture Foundation's DiscoverDesign learning platform <> built on Drupal 8 and AngularJS
2013-03-01 - 2014-04-15
independent web developer
Work with clients to develop and maintain bespoke web applications and web sites. Usually responsible for project management and engineering. Major projects include Castle, Drufony (described in [Projects](#projects)) and an investment screening tool for socially responsible investment.
  • Investigate: What are you Invested In? <> A screening tool for socially responsible investment research. Users can upload a document which is scanned for hundreds of company names. This project depends on Drupal, Symfony, AngularJS, Elasticsearch and Tika. Source code and documentation is available upon request.
  • Castle Project to archive social media artifacts from public API endpoints. The application runs mulitple processes for collecting millions of posts daily from each social media service. Message queues (RabbitMQ) link the collection processes to the archive (CouchDB) and the index (Elasticsearch). Faceted search UI is built with AngularJS. Castle was developed for [R-Shief]( under the name kal3a <> (Arabizi for "castle"). R-Shief is an online community-based archiving project developed by Professor Laila Shereen Sakr while she was a Ph.D. candidate at University of Southern California. This project is acknowledged in her dissertation "From Archive to Analytics: The Making of R-Shief Media System and Live Cinema Remix."
Palante Technology Cooperative
2012-03-01 - 2013-03-01
Develop and maintain simple Drupal and CiviCRM projects for nonprofit clients. Collaborate with worker-owners in management and growth of cooperative business.
    2010-04-01 - 2012-03-01
    Develop large, custom web projects (Drupal 6 and 7, Ubercart, CiviCRM) that were managed in Scrum Agile software development framework. Projects included The Sedona Conference, Privacy International, Congress for the New Urbanism, National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.
    • The Sedona Conference <> developed on Drupal 6, Ubercart and CiviCRM
    2008-01-01 - 2010-04-01
    independent web developer
    Work with clients to develop and maintain web sites. Train clients in PHP, Drupal 6 and 7 development, best practices (version control, coding standards, automated tests). Clients included Gate58 Marketing (Chicago, Illinois), LM Squared, LLC (Northbrook, Illinois).
    • Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights <> developed on Drupal 6 (since redesigned)
    • <> an online community supporting reflective practice for professional artists who work with children (since redesigned)
    • CompareERP <> developed on Drupal 7 as a model for other lead generation sites developed by Gate58
    • TLC Management <> marketing site developed on Drupal 7 for LM Squared LLC featured maps and photo galleries of buildings (since redesigned).
    Dartington Social Research Unit
    2006-09-01 - 2007-12-01
    information designer
    Dartington Social Research Unit conducts scientific research about child development in the context of children’s services, with a view to informing needs-led, evidence-based interventions for children in need. Projects included developing online publication Prevention Action, a new journalistic-style web site about developments in children's services, prevention science; developing encyclopedic glossary of terms for the Unit's methodological tool kit "Common Language;" developing online resources related to children's services in Ireland, UK and United States.
    • Prevention Action <> designed to convert rigorous scientific findings into actionable information for children's services agencies and professionals
    Southwest Youth Collaborative
    2005-03-01 - 2006-09-01
    Director of Information Technology
    Southwest Youth Collaborative was founded in the early 1990s as a youth development organization serving young people in Chicago's Southwest side. Responsibilities included establishing and maintaining three separate environments with a total of 30 workstations running Mac OS X, Windows 2000/XP, or Ubuntu Linux as well as 4 servers (FreeBSD and CentOS Linux) and providing technical support and training to clients and staff.
    • Transitioned organization from proprietary Novell operating system and GroupWise application to open source stack
    - Ongoing
    Drupal 7 maintainer
    Implemented new core Field API on Taxonomy subsystem.
    • Presented a session at DrupalCon DC (2009)
    • Presented a session at DrupalCon Paris (2009)
    • Taxonomy term fields in Drupal 7 core <>
    • Taxonomy term autocomplete widget in Drupal 7 core <>
    • Expose field storage details in Drupal 7 core <>
    • Semantic Views <>
    • oEmbed for Drupal 7 <>
    University of Chicago
    Humanities -
    1995-09-01 - 1998-06-01
    TALK: Unveiling R-Shief 4.0: A Social Media Archive and Analytics System
    Interdisciplinary Humanities Center at University of California, Santa Barbara
    Presentation of R-Shief social media analytics and archiving platform to students and faculty of UCSB

    Native speaker
    Web Development
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • Sass
    • oEmbed
    • OpenGraph
    • Drupal
    • Symfony
    • Silex
    • Composer
    • CiviCRM
    • Sculpin
    • ReactPHP
    • PHPUnit
    • Behat
    • AngularJS
    • Angular 2
    • Polymer
    • web components
    • jQuery
    • jQuery UI
    • Grunt
    • Yeoman
    • CouchDB 1.6-2.0
    • MySQL 5
    • Elasticsearch 0.6-5.0
    System administration
    • Debian
    • Ubuntu
    • OpenLDAP
    • Apache HTTPD
    • Eucalyptus