Thomas Faurbye Nielsen
Software Developer
København N

Been developing since early 2006, and gotten paid for doing it since 2010 - Where I became a part owner of Dreamabout Aps.
Mono Solutions Aps
2015-06-22 - Ongoing
Senior Developer / Specialist
I got referred to the company by a friend working there.
  • Helped offer ssl certificates across 300.000 sites
  • Helped with setup of BGP and Varnish configuration
  • Helped with scaling caching for 300.000 sites
  • Wrote most of the e-commerce solution used in the newer parts.
Dreamabout Aps
2011-04-01 - Ongoing
Helped with starting it in the newer form. Main developer
Wrote the platform from the base up, and still mainintaing and extending the codebase. Learned a lot about AWS, Memcached, MongoDB and Varnish during the job, also with relation to updating across php versions.
  • Using it everyday, and trying to keep costs down, while still performing reasonably.
2010-08-20 - Ongoing
Worked as a part time consultant while studying.
Did a few minor jobs for people, helping them with setting up quick prototypes.
    Web Development
    • PHP
    • JavaScript
    • Backend
    • MySQL
    • MariaDB
    • ModernSQL
    • MongoDB
    • Memcached
    • Redis
    Ops / Server management
    • CircleCI
    • AWS
    • Varnish
    • Nginx / Openresty
    • Beanstalkd
    API Development
    • OpenAPI
    • Swagger
    • REST
    • OAuth2