Aniruddha Mysore
Student, Data Science Intern at INBE

I am a student pursuing an undergraduate degree in PESIT Bangalore, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. My primary interest lies in Data Analysis, AI and ML. I am experienced in Full-Stack Web Development. Reinforcement Learning is my field of research interest.
Paisool (Infinity Plus Beyond Pvt. Ltd.)
2018-01 - Ongoing
Data Science Intern
Paisool has Point-of-Sales devices in 100+ kirana stores in Bangalore. I create analytics dashboards using which the sales teams can derive insights from the POS data. I am currently involved in the React Native rewrite of the POS app.
    Hyperloop India
    2017-05 - 2017-08
    Software Team Member
    Responsible for developing the base station software, including design of the UI, and writing firmware for the electronics for the Hyperloop Pod Prototype built by Hyperloop India to participate in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Challenge.
      Reap Benefit
      2016-08 - 2017-05
      Responsible for implementing smart solutions to civic issues.
      • Building a smart water flow monitor for domestic use.
      • Building the backend for a pothole-detection app.
      • Visualization Dashboard for Air Quality Data.
      Kumarans Model United Nations - 2017
      2016-11 - 2017-07
      Head of Tech
      Designed the KMUN website and created a registration portal using Firebase.
        Computer Science - Undergraduate
        2016 - 2020
        Finalist (Top 4)
        Angelhacks Bangalore
        Created a platform that enables anyone to build their own geofenced, location-based AR experiences. The target market comprised of event organizers, branding agencies, and video game developers.
        2nd Prize
        PES University Datathon
        We were given the NAS dataset released by Indian Government and asked to answer various questions. The final round involved presenting an insights report based on the data, for the state of Himachal Pra.desh.
        InGenius 2017
        Presented a drone swarm network to aid in disaster management.
        Native proficiency
        Native proficiency
        Working proficiency
        Machine Learning
        • Tensorflow
        • Keras
        Web Development
        • React
        • NodeJS
        • D3
        Programming Languages
        • C
        • Python
        • Javascript and NodeJS
          • Fantasy
          • Non Fiction