Rock Mutchler
Rock has driven large enterprise teams, departments, and companies while following company vision and transformation. Rock has also acted as principal architect over both the application infrastructure, vendor procurement, cross function, all teams and training in order to improve process and decrease time waste.He has over 20 years experience with everything from 100 user sites that cater to a specialized niche need to sites that deliver a responsive and unique environment to millions of users a day. Rock is on the cutting edge of development operations and brings a unique and multifaceted perspective to maximize the value of every client's investment. Rock is frequently called in to fight fires and put teams back on a well-oiled and efficient path for future successes. His knowledge allows him to dive into any technical situation, provide rapid root cause analysis, reset and mentor teams. Specialties: Digital Transformations, DevOps / DevSecOps, AWS, App architecture, Infra architecture, DB architecture, System Performance, System Scaleability, Project Management, Vendor procurement, department operation budget/cost, agile / lean / scrum, public speaking. Rock has been known and respected as a performance, scalability expert Proven SLAs Track Record Open Source Participation Bay Area User Groups +1000 members Tech Book Reviews In addition to being actively involved in the open source community, he has also worked on some of the most well known brands in the world including, Activision (Call of Duty Series), Apple / Filemaker, Ebay / Paypal, LiveNation (from ground up with current site), Toyota, taught at NASA Ames Research Center, Shutterfly (, NameCheap, BeachBody, Career Builder,, Facebook (performance consultant),, Signatures Network (Now Livenation,, and 200 other music and fan sites The list goes on and on; Samsung, Zend, ampd mobile, Symantec, Bebe, adultfriendfinder, to name just a few more.

Management Consulting
Red Wolvren
2019-01-01 - Ongoing
Founder / CEO / DXO
Transforming hindered great minds out of the old repetitive, mundane factory tasks. This allows the liberated employee and owner(s) the ability to take a look around. This leads to greater ingenuity and overall personal fulfillment for both employee and employer which with agile business practice and continuous improvement makes everyone more money simply as a bi-produce of doing things they love and spending more time with their loved ones at home. Loyalty and Efficiency is what we breed !
    2018-03-01 - 2018-12-01
    Principal DevOps Architect - Toyota North America / PO Connected Technologies HXF
    About Beyondsoft: Beyondsoft Consulting Inc. is a leading IT Consulting, Solutions, and Services strategic partner helping enterprise companies drive business success. Beyondsoft combines business and technology experience to help clients successfully deliver on each of their web based initiatives. At Toyota: - Responsible for the establishment of DevOps processes including architecture design, development, coaching, mentoring, and partnership across various technology departments - Evangelizing the value of DevOps adoption and transformation within the organization - Understanding the overall product vision and working with the other teams in order to ensure vision success - Budgeting Forecasting for upcoming projects working with many vendors and departments in order to provide proper estimates to aid in direction. - Vendor Procurement - identifying partners for operation excellence. Then negotiating for long term relationships and leading through the process of approval and purchases.
      Tropical Productions
      2010-01-01 - 2013-12-01
      Principal Solutions Architect
      A Marketplace for Producers
        Beachhead Studio
        2010-01-01 - 2012-01-01
        Principal Solutions Architect / Consultant Digital Transformation via DriveDev Inc. (Consultant)
        Architected many components of and supported digital transformation of the development studio which created Call of Duty: ELITE - the companion on-line service and platform for Call of Duty. Was a part of 3 product releases (Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops II), initially saved a failed launch not allowing users to login, with in hours had identified RC and had an engaged a user base of more than 12 million active players, and generated 2 million paying subscribers. Architected product development for back-end with a concentration on the Databases and provided guidance and mentoring / support in all application and infrastructure needs. front-end technology to support dedicated applications on mobile, console and a web portal on PC. This provided a path with the game data in a HA/DR model and in real-time, ranging from statistical information about player performance, social grouping and connections, as well as official competitions and e-sports infrastructure. Part of a Lead team that implemented and iterated on production processes to suit rapid development and prototyping, supporting distributed development with multiple external vendors. At this time utilized, what today is becoming or is common, techniques new to traditional game development at the time (JIRA / Confluence / Greenhopper / Kanban), evolved a hybrid Agile production process which supported rolling, iterative releases, as well as fixed date / fixed functionality drops. New Technology Assessment provided to Studio as on of the technical directors to evaluate weaknesses of initial tech stack and revise implementation to support service goals. Identified 3rd party web / cloud technology providers, evaluated fit to service goals, guided implementation of specific technologies across multiple platforms. This was in cross collaboration across multiple high profile CoD studios - Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Demonware. Built consensus on technical and design approach.
          Voices in Translation, Inc.
          2009-11-01 - 2011-12-01
          cultural integration support, 501.3c
            Beta Records
            2009-02-01 - 2011-06-01
            CEO of Online Properties
            BETA Records is the first true MUSIC ECOSYSTEM that connects fans with artists in the virtual and real world through its unique content making, moving and monetization business model capable of terrestrial and viral distribution of music and video. BETA Records consists of 4 inter-related content production, hosting and propagation entities: BETA Online, BETA TV, BETA Publishing (Sound Scope) and BETA Radio (OnePlayMusic coming Fall/Winter 2010) BETA Online — is our proprietary music community where users can join a "Tribe" of music to find events and listen to a catalog of over 350,000 songs and videos from a rapidly growing list of global artists. BETA's online space is unique in that it gives BOTH Artists and Fans a chance to monetize the popularity of their profile page via tipping, ads, song sales, affiliate programs etc., all powered by an integrated BETA eWallet and Banking system. BETA Online is FREE – Click here to join BETA TV — is a nationally syndicated (150+ U.S. cities) weekly music centric TV series filmed and produced in the heart of Hollywood, showcasing at least 3 acoustic artist videos from newly signed and Indie bands in episode format. BETA emphasizes educational and pop culture segments and in-house produced music videos using the best vintage analog recording gear (Telefunken, Neve, Studer, RCA, Trident, etc) combined with the modern sounds of its instrument sponsors such as Taylor Acoustic Guitar, Neumann and Sennheiser Microphones, Ford Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Gibralter Hardware, etc. Filming at the BETA Studios occurs Tue-Thur of every week.
              2008-01-01 - 2018-03-01
              Principal DevOps Architect / Engineer / BigData at Pythian
              Leading the way with DevOps for many large online properties. Working primarily with AWS cloud (since 2007), using a variety of infrastructure development tools such as; OpsWorks Chef, Chef, CloudFormatiom, Terraform, Puppet and Ansible. This is all migrating and moving large companies to full HA/DR as well as CI/CD using the proper methodologies for the clients needs. In addition and added to the infrastructure architecture, this means picking the right tools for monitoring, alerting, and reacting properly to the application system. This can sometimes be remote 3rd party log consumption like sumo logic (now DataDog). There is a large array of similar and other data intelligence instrumentation for code inspection / traces like AWS Xray, New Relic, and Appdynamics. Some of these also offer infrastructure intelligence (AWS CloudWatch for one) and actions which can trigger events (in AWS maybe Lambda functions) to have the infrastructure take action, or can call out to other items like Pager Duty to get ahold of who is on call in an escalation path. There are a ton of other tools that have been used here for different aspects, logs one of the older and better tools although more expensive that has been used is Splunk, and another widely used infrastructure monitoring system is Nagios xi, which I've gotten used to replacing a lot in systems. I have just scratched the surface here with some of the tools I've implemented. Architecture needs are not limited to DevOps when companies come on there are a lot of Data Need that are addressed using a large array of DB types to fit the requirements. This means in some cases doing in flight data transformations to move data from RDBMS to memory, document (large document), time series, columnar storage etc... We have also implemented some interesting cross regional syn / asycn replication models for items such as percona xtra db clusters (galera 3 backbone) DB Case Study:
                Beta Records
                2007-11-01 - 2009-02-01
                Chief Technical Officer
                  DriveDev Inc.
                  2007-07-01 - 2013-12-01
                  Principal DevOps Architect / Data Solutions Architect (DBA) / BigData
                  DriveDev is key to the operations of such customers as Activision (Call of Duty MW3 / BeachHead), PayPal, FileMaker -- a subsidiary of Apple Computers, Levity Entertainment, and many more.
                    Beta Records LLC
                    2007-01-01 - 2007-01-01
                    Principal Solutions Architect
                    Unsigned artist system with 100's of thousands of unsigned artists and music housed and streaming to a large active user base.
                      2006-06-01 - 2017-08-01
                      Consulted as an Applications Architect, DBA, and DevOps Architect / Engineer for many companies over the years, generally resolving issues current teams were struggling with.
                        2006-05-01 - 2007-06-01
                        Senior Software Engineer and Architect
                        Technical consultant, architecting properties such as,, and
                          Live Nation
                          2006-04-01 - 2007-02-01
                          Principal Technical Consultant
                          Ground up start of Ran the infrastructure, application, and database architecture. Gave technical direction for operational excellence as well as day to day guidance leading by example.
                            2004-11-01 - 2006-06-01
                            Lead Enterprise Application Architect
                            Took PHP to enterprise clients to compete and show value save against other disciplines such as Java. Technical reviewer of the Zend PHP hand book and certification exam. Reviewed many PHP frameworks, proposed and started the Zend Framework. Consulted with many clients via Zend for performance and optimization such as; Facebook (opcode caching) AMPd Mobile / MTV - (db layer - removal of ORM) Symantec (performance tuning) Friendster (messaging system capacity issues / scaling / performance) LinkedIn Careerbuilder FileMaker - Apple Signatures Network and so many more. Ran user groups in San Jose and San Francisco, and taught at NASA Ames Research Center (PHP, and the product suite Zend Offerings)
                              Innovative Ideas Intl
                              2001-01-01 - 2004-01-01
                              Director of Development
                                Studio K Southwest
                                2001-01-01 - 2001-01-01
                                  Control Systems International
                                  2000-01-01 - 2001-01-01
                                  Engineer I
                                    Education America
                                    - CS
                                    1997-12-31 - 1999-12-31
                                    Native or bilingual proficiency
                                    Agile Methodologies
                                        Open Source
                                            Cloud Computing
                                              Application Architecture
                                                Server Architecture
                                                  Project Management
                                                    Data Architecture
                                                      System Performance
                                                          Web Applications
                                                              Amazon Web Services (AWS)
                                                                    Distributed Systems
                                                                                System Architecture
                                                                                    Operations Management
                                                                                      Team Management
                                                                                                        MySQL Cluster
                                                                                                          High Availability Clustering
                                                                                                            Amazon Redshift
                                                                                                                  Amazon RDS
                                                                                                                    Amazon EC2
                                                                                                                      Amazon S3
                                                                                                                        Amazon EBS

                                                                                                                                        Jason Fisher - Beyondsoft
                                                                                                                                        Rock’s depth and breadth of knowledge across the technology marketplace is impressive. From architecting full solutions using different cloud providers to data modeling and data design, I can’t think of much Rock hasn’t done. Under Rock’s leadership, we stood up multiple environments in AWS using Serverless framework with MongoDb Atlas for a backend.
                                                                                                                                        Erik Carlson - MongoDB
                                                                                                                                        Rock adds a lot of value with his individual technical skill set but to stop there would be vastly incomplete. While Rock can architect and code an entire solution framework his greater value is in the thoughtfulness that he takes leveraging cross functional teams to more rapidly bring products and services to market. Rock has a visionary outlook on how companies can leverage technology as a competitive differentiator. Rock would be a tremendous asset to any organization with the desire to capitalize on digital transformation.