Alessandro F. Annini
Founder at Scriby Srl
Falconara Marittima

I'm a software developer, employed since 2009, founder of Scriby, a technology startup making a cloud solution for small companies and freelances who need to deal with the glorious Italian electronic invoicing system and every sales and purchase document in general. During my career I worked on automotive devices for bus fleets, avionic in-flight entertainment systems for helicopters, mobile electronic parking systems, and more. I love taking care of a few side projects where I can experiment new languages, new ideas and find the next technology to use @work. When I feel I'm missing something or I am just curious about the latest trending tech around I go shopping for courses online and I prepare popcorn for the night.
Scriby S.r.l.
2018-04-01 - Ongoing
Founder and Director
Scriby is born to make the Italian electronic invoicing system and the business management in general easier, helping companies and professionals to save time and money. Scriby is available for collaborations and consultancy.
    Sistemi Trasporto Persone S.r.l.
    2017-06-01 - 2017-12-31
    Software Developer
    Developing Android and IOS React-Native application for transportation ticket sales.
      Leaff Engineering
      2014-04-01 - 2016-12-31
      Software Developer
      Developing new cross-platform mobile entertainment system for avionic use on helicopters.
      TeamSystem S.p.A.
      2013-06-01 - 2014-04-30
      Mobile Developer
      Working on GammaApp project: an ERP integrated app for the complete commercial management on the move.
      PluService S.r.l.
      2009-06-01 - 2013-04-30
      Software Developer
      I worked mainly on MyCicero (an app for parking, train, bus and metro payments), and Sistema Centrale Bordo (onboard application for buses that tracks fleet, navigate the driver and ticket validation, with Thales NFC validator too).
      Croce Gialla Falconara
      1998-07-01 - 2006-07-01
      Ambulance Driver
      I was driving ambulances on emergency as team leader and for scheduled patients transportations
        Computer Science -
        2008-10-01 -
        High school
        Accounting, Economics -
        1996-09-01 - 2001-06-01
        This website is built with meteor and is an help for whoever wants to write a song or a poem. Features: dynamic syllables count, search for the perfect rhyme, dictionary for rhymes or any word, make a user account and store your documents, metronome for rhythm.

        GraphQL nested mutations with Apollo: small fatigue, max gain
        I am doing some experimentation and I want to try something with GraphQL on a React project.

        Code a React website on your Android smartphone or tablet like you never imagined
        Use Android with Termux to code and host your React webapp from your smartphone. Meetup Italia Speech
        2014-12-10 + + Marche Polytechnic University
        Public speech at Marche Politecnic University of Ancona (Italy). Video: Slides:

        very good
        Technical Skills
        • Javascript
        • React.js
        • React-Native
        • Redux
        • Node.js
        • GraphQL
        • Python
        • Data Scraping
        • Serverless
        • Visual Studio Code
        • Windows – macOS – Linux
        • outdoor
        • outdoor
        • guitar
        • playing
        • singing
        • live shows
        • Australia
        • SF
        • on my own