Alexis Alejandro Sanchez Ochoa
Full Stack Web Engineer

I am a self-taught person, with strong problem solving skills and result oriented. I have been working in the IT World for more than 12 years, between Software Engineer, Programmer and Team Lead Developer, that has given me the capacity of having no fear of challenges, whether it is writing a test to check if 1+1 equals 2 or Planning, Program and lead the development of an architecture of 23 servers handling different products for online and physical casinos. I’m passionate about work and open source advocate.
OulalaGames Ltd
2016-04-04 - Ongoing
IT Developer
As IT Developer I am responsible for all the current systems we that currently have. I have the responsibility of maintain, fix and develop new features. I am also being of guidance to the junior developers in the team.
  • Build a Restful Web Server
  • Automation development environment (Vagrant + docker)
  • Back-end/front-end development of the platform based on a custom-built framework
Corpoclic c.a.
2014-11-10 - 2015-11-01
Team Lead Developer
Hire and lead the team of developers (and Backend/Frontend designer) responsible for constant improvements, in a suite of web and mobile applications for online and physical casinos. Management, Architect and Developer
  • Planning for and Monitoring an Architecture in AWS
  • Coordinate and oversee work of other developers on the website and related services.
  • Senior engineer on a consumer media cloud service, including heavy integration with mobile/web clients and third party APIs (e.g. Facebook). Primarily responsible for Java/Jetty server and distributed asynchronous workers, along with designing a scalable JSON-RPC API. Technologies used included PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Neo4j, noeqd, Heroku, Amazon S3, EC2.
  • Senior engineer and architect for JuegaEnLinea and GameBet, a social media-sharing application. Responsible for all technical aspects of the project, from choice of primary language and frameworks to accompanying technologies like Elasticsearch, gearman, MySQL, and PostGIS
  • Algorithm with machine learning for user analysis (Weka)
  • Speaker at various professional events,
2012-09-01 - 2014-11-01
Software Developer
With over 400 website and content management projects completed to date, I get the experience to guide an organization with both online and back-office initiatives. We are experts in user- experience and social media planning to records management and workflow process definition.
  • Hire and manage a team of developers to transition development of constant improvements’ core PHP-based SaaS application away from 3rd party developers.
  • Oversee and assist in development of traditional MVC PHP application while transitioning it to a more services oriented approach, including architecture of a new public REST API, and implementing a new Responsive CoffeeScript/JavaScript web application to eventually serve mobile and desktop browsers.
  • Architect overseeing company website and constant improvements product as the team transitions from separate PHP and .NET applications to a modern Python 3 REST API and CoffeeScript-based single page web application.
  • Senior engineer for a new banking system, responsible for maintaining a large Perl, Mason, and JavaScript application and updating it to work with improvements to the supporting PostgreSQL, Asterisk, and Redis architecture.
Good News Consulting Group
2009-02-01 - 2009-09-30
Software Developer
Design, implement, maintain and oversee development for a customized PHP- and MySQL-based solution for AmBev business/ERP/CRM process. Aspects include pre-sale quotes, e-commerce and over-the-phone sales, support incident and RMA tracking, project and inventory management, customer management, and shipment invoicing and tracking.
  • Set up and administer Apache and replicated MySQL servers.
  • Design the majority of graphics, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other "look/feel".
  • Administer email, DNS and firewall servers.
  • Perl, HTML and PostgreSQL developer on custom ERP software and e-commerce website.
  • Designed and wrote Perl-based web robots designed for extracting legal information from various websites, including building a modular framework to facilitate creation of future robots.
PHP Venezuela
June 2004 - Ongoing
    Yacambu University
    Computer Sciences - Electronic and Computer engineering
    August 2006 - October 2012
    Second Place
    July 2011
    Engineering Competition of the Bolivarian Army
    Develop the first RPG 7V1 simulator for Venezuelan army
    Native Speaker
    Brazilian Portuguese
    • Auryn
    • Behat
    • Deployer
    • Kahlan
    • Laravel
    • PhpUnit
    • Silex
    • Smarty
    • Symfony
    • Twig
    • Xdebug
    • XhProf
    • Yii
    • Angular
    • Node
    • React
    • TypeScript
    • Vue
    Operating systems
    • FreeBSD
    • GNU/Linux
    • MacOS
    • Windows
    • Bottle
    • Django
    • Fabric
    • Web2py
    Another Technologies
    • Bash
    • Bazzar
    • Docker
    • Git
    • Kaban
    • Less
    • MariaDB
    • MongoDB
    • MySQL
    • PostCSS
    • PostgreSQL
    • Ruby On Rails
    • Sass
    • Scrumm
    • C++
    • C#
    • Vagrant
    Another Technologies
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Android Native Programing
    • Ansible
    • Chef
    • Java
    • Perl
    • Puppet
    Another Technologies
    • Cassandra
    • ElasticSearch
    • Go
    • Haskell
    • Neo4j
    • Swift